Do you have a Freefly Astro? You're grounded!

Do you have a Freefly Astro? No? Thought not, me neither :-). But if you do stop flying it, thanks to a software failure resulting in a crash, it’s grounded

The CAA say:
All UAS Operators whose aircraft are affected by this Service Bulletin should follow manufacturer advice, immediately suspend all flight operations, and keep the aircraft grounded until further notice. Further safety communications from the UK CAA will follow as required.


Service bulletin:


How fffffffin much.


Only around £15k :grinning:. Apparently, “It carries valuable payloads in high-pressure situations.” or erm, doesn’t.

I’ll be sticking with My Mini 3 Pro.

it was trying to live up to its name FREEFLY ASTRO and decided to go merrily on its way into orbit

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For upwards of $21k, I’d expect that to be in the original specs.

they are still selling them…

I’d be miffed buying a grounded drone

£15k , 1.5kg paper weight… £10K a kg, still less than using gold bars I guess

If gold bars fall out of they sky, they are still … :wink: