Do you take your drone on walks?

There is never any requirement to get permission to fly OVER someone’s land… only to TOAL. No one owns, or has any jurisdiction over, the airspace above their property except the CAA. Of course, privacy is important but that is more about private individuals than anything else.

For example, I have a NT property near me. NT bans all drone operation from their properties but they cannot control the airspace above. So I take off from a public park nearby and fly over to get my pics. Nothing they can do about that.

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I always have at least one DSLR with a couple of lenses AND the Mini2 wherever I go, even to work.
In the days before smartphones and when film cameras ruled, I was stopped in a layby having a smoke while on my way home from work. I was looking out over the hills at Moncrieffe and Kinnoull when I saw a tornado form, I hurriedly went to grab my trusty Canon T90 and 300mm zoom lens, my heart sank when I realised I didn’t bring it that day :frowning: Of course nobody believed me, until that Fridays copy of the local rag carried a rather crap image of the tornado on the front page. I have had a camera by my side ever since.

Had a couple, cracking bit of kit (replaced a T70) have you seen them on ebay, a nice one can be had for £75

I still have my Tank but it suffers from the dreaded EEE. I fixed it before but can’t remember what I done???
I still also have a T70 and T80 kicking about somewhere. The T80 was my grandads, he used it all over the world in his mountaing climbing days. His photos are the main reason I got into photography, I used to sit for hours going through his slide collection when I visited him, happy days :slight_smile:
I’ve recently brought his Pentax rangefinder back to life and started shooting film again. I needed to turn an adaptor up on the lathe for newer batteries as the old mercuries are non existent. The closest voltage and current match I could find turned out to be the same batteries as hearing aids, oxygen activated so they don’t last very long once opened. But fortunately my wife has bundles of them, she gets a little annoyed when her hearing aids run out and can’t find any replacements :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I have a canon EOS500D and a couple of zoom lenses and like you all I take them with me almost everywhere. I have yet to get any great opportune pics though.

I am wondering if I’d benefit from upgrading my body to an 850D… 24MP vs 15MP. Full 4K video. ISO 25,600, swivel touchscreen, faster continuous shots. Better battery life. It is a lot of money when I get pretty good pics out of the 500D… the upgrade won’t improve my pics (that is down to me and my eye) but it has a number of convenience things that I would appreciate, particularly the swivel touchscreen.

Trouble is… I just got the Mini 3 Pro so my credit with the wife is low right now. It may have to wait!

Youve answered your own question.

Best upgrade you can get is some decent L glass, you’ll keep it forever.

Already have some pretty good lenses… good enough for me anyway… :slight_smile:

Of you don’t have one in your arsenal treat yourself to a ‘nifty fifty’ you won’t regret it. Lovely lens and some great results can be had from this super fast prime

I carry two bags one for DSLR + lenses and the other sits on my *shoulder for the DJI Mini 3 pro.


Amazon UK £29.99

Very happy with it.

Should be compulsory for anyone with a DSLR. No zoom? That’s what your feet are for. Kids these days with their fancy lenses, I remember when I lived in a shoebox in middle t’road :grin:


I have 2 lenses… a 10-24mm and a 18-270mm - never wanted for anything else :slight_smile:

I can’t see the point for me to have any prime lens. If I were a pro or did portraits yes… but I am happy to give up a bit on quality and speed of the lens for the flexibility of a zoom.

Sorry guys :slight_smile:

Chalk and cheese on quality

Unless your talking 2.8 L glass

When you’re my age an extended zoom is a blurry image waiting to happen. Nowadays I rarely take my D200 with me but when I do I like the lighter weight and less likelihood of shake of the 50mm. I’ve served my time lugging heavy stuff about, these days it’s about convenience and less weight to carry so no more heavy cameras lenses and tripods to carry. A Mini 2, an Osmo Pocket and Panasonic Lumix (with it’s teeny tiny zoom) covers all I’m likely to need.:slightly_smiling_face: