Do you take your drone on walks?

I am thinking of taking up walking as a hobby in itself and it occurred to me that as I would typically take my camera on walks then so I should consider talking the drone.

Anyone else walk regularly and take their drone along? What considerations should I make apart from all the normal ones?

I am thinking I could just pop the drone, spare batteries, spare props (and screwdriver!), and the controller in my backpack.

I tend to take mine most places I go, on the off chance, its in the boot of the car when I travel around with work and most other places I go. I just have to make sure the batteries are charged!

Most of my walking is is within the New Forest and sadly National Park bylaws prohibit flying. Bar trying to find some private land to fly from with permission.

Should we warn the walking forums ;o)

That if you’re going on established routes, the rambling community are not the most drone friendly in the world.

I do a lot of walking and always take my drone (since I got Mini Pro 3)
I have a powerbank to recharge batteries on the go.
Mostly TOAL from bridelways and footpaths.
I often use interesting places to help plan my walks, for example last Saturday I did a walk which passed through old 3 villages.

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Your like me Neil i’m the same powerbank ect i wild camp in the peak forest alot as i live on the edge of it. surprising the amount ramblers that carry drones with them up there never had any issues myself.

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I do, but I find my local Tescos object to even the mini 3 pro!

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Ditto my camera bag with mavic mini stays in the boot of my car most of the time. When we go walking I put it in an old lowepro camera case I had knocking about and it hangs on the bottom of the backpack.
I keep the charger from the fly more pack in the top pocket and use it as a power back on longer walks.
Always ready then. They always say the best camera is the one you have with you.

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And same here, 3 batteries in the charger, 4th in the Mini 2 and depending how long we intend to spend out, battery pack and right-angled charging cable so the bag can remain loosely closed while charging.

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Walks with the wife = mini 3 pro small bag
Solo walks = Mavic 3 + Mini 3 pro + sony camera+ big bag

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I don’t go on a walk without my Mini 2.

I have been an amateur photographer all my life, and I go country walking.
I thought it would be nice to have flying camera.
That is why I bought a camera drone.

Not to mention that when you get lost, it’s nice to be able to see where you are and which direction you want to go !

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Can’t find a lead big enough for mine yet


Nearly always, assuming weather on side. Annoys the OH though, so hence nearly always.

If not already mentioned, get some hard cases if just throwing it in a backpack, or get a decent photographers backpack. LowePro seem to be the go to brand.

Walks and Bike rides :+1:

Still need to have a landowners permission to fly over their land etc and many bye-laws in place for parks, RSPB, SSI and AONB sites, then take into account airfields and their restrictive zones, finally privacy laws. Then you can fly! Fortunately local landowner given me permission to fly over their 70+ acres but need to get more permissions to expand.

I have my mini 2 with me most of the time when outbwalking


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Bye-laws or out of date policy’s that are not enforceable