Figured I’d treat myself to a little MM2 before Brexit bites and I’m too busy defending my toilet roll stockpile from looters.

Really cute little thing nestled in the palm of my hand … but I’m of the “Batteries Not Included” generation so of course I was going to love it!

Sadly, the controller is DOA. Beeping like crazy out the box so I figured it needed a calibration. Right stick, fine. Scroll wheel, fine. Left stick… dead as a doornail. :frowning:

Credit and praise where both are due… I bought it from Drone Safe Register so have just spoken to Mark, who has already shipped a replacement (next day delivery) and has organised pickup of the faulty one.

Can’t blame a reseller for DOA kit, but the way they deal with it can make a huge difference. Not a whiff of “What did DJI say?” here, just an apology and a new one in the post. :+1:


I think that’s the first positive thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about DSR (ever!) :grimacing:

Did you local Argos not have any stock Joe?

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Me? Leave the house and mingle with… people? Are you mental? :wink:


They do online order and delivery.


Argos do same day delivery for three quid :blush:

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Just as well, were I to need something from them … the two most local stores closed at the beginning of the first lockdown, and remain closed.