Does this count as a Drone? I want one anyway!

Just give me a couple of tins of beans and I could do that

That is seriously cool :open_mouth:

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Comes with free Fire Truck! :slight_smile:

I actually missed it … was way up the hill watching the rally stage. Hope to see it tomorrow or Sunday.
Yup … definitely on it’s own level of mega-cool! :+1:

With all the straw bales around … somewhat sensible!

I did see the autonomous Mustang and having worked in this field, I must say, I was not impressed!

The bloke kept grabbing the wheel and he ended up steering it more than the computer drove it :roll_eyes:

It’s not the better one. The Robocar was very impressive.
The Mustang is only “GPS with a few bits” rather than the AI of the racing Robocars.
I think they’re trying to develop a totally new approach to the issue.

must get me one of those, do you think the mpg will be ok for motorway driving.:rofl:

From yesterday …

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Did you take those Dave?

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what happens if you fall over just as your about to take off???:rofl:

You get the worst case of gravel-rash that anyone ever saw :scream:

Yup - those 3 were my pics.
That a genuine angle he was flying at in the third, too … so it’s not difficult to work out the kind of acceleration … much like an MP at 30 degrees nose down! can’t escape the basics of physics. :wink:

Hoped to get more today, but battery on my DSLR was dead, couldn’t (and still cant, even though home) find my spare.
Tried using the long lens on my compact … but using a long lens without an eye viewfinder ain’t easy, and the screen is in totally the wrong position to use with my varifocals. (I take my glasses off the the DSLR … or wear contact lenses, like I was yesterday.)
Not looked at the results yet, but not over hopeful. Over 1000 pics from each of the three days to wade through. :fearful:


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There was a similar … ummm …. idiot (?) on Ch4’s …


An interesting program for many other reasons, not least of all (for me) was the Compton Abbas airfield that I’ve flown into/out of many times when my PPL was being used regularly.

Edit: And Thruxton … where there was a flying club I used to belong to (late 70s/80s-ish), and where I started a few years of parachuting and free-fall …. years ago ('72/'74).

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