Does this count as a video by drone or not

So here is the completely unedited video from the 360 one x mounted on the mavic. It’s the first time I’ve used it on the drone. I’ve got a lot to learn so as to edit 360 videos so YouTube here I come.

The gentleman in the video flies fixed wing and was a really nice guy, was very interested in the insta.


It still freaks me out that I can move my phone or iPad around in the air, without even having to touch the screen, I’m order to look around inside a video :scream:

We have some mind blowing tech available to us these days :bowing_man:


And to answer the question in the topic title, it’s more a video “on” a drone :smiley:

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You’re bringing this to the next club meetup right? :grin:

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As in “I can’t afford to be as impressed as I really am”.


… and now I’m looking at the GoPro Max 360 camera …


The most impressive thing about the camera is the insta software, especially the ability to be able to grab a still from anywhere within the video you have shot


Oh yes.

So was I but opted for the insta as I couldn’t stretch to the gopro.

I think the Insta is the better all round purchase tbh

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That’s brilliant but remember your ID is on show :wink:
Prepare to get confused with editing as IOS, Android and Windows apps are all slightly different :laughing:
I still haven’t done enough with mine to start a good edit yet :blush:

You can also do this in the editing on the phone to get some cool results.
Like this.

I agree with Chris.

@stevesb, follow the guy above, he has some good tutorials.

I looked (very briefly … whilst on the train … with crap signal) and prices didn’t look wildly different.
Had the Ricoh 360 cameras in the back of my mind for some time.
A recent hefty expenditure, and a strange/expensive noise in the car, renders any contemplation just a fantasy, unfortunately.

Just - Wow! Unbelievable. so impressed.

A few questions.

When I look directly down at the Mavic, why can’t I see the mount? Doesn’t matter how you turn it, no visible means of support!

When you pan left or right, the horizon tilts and then straightens up at 180 degrees behind. Is this just because the camera isn’t exactly level front to back? With some tweaking could you get the horizon level all the way round? (as long as you didn’t tilt, obviously).

What’s the all up weight? How would it affect battery life?

Not that I’m thinking of getting one, obviously :wink:

All 360 camera have a blind spot and that’s it, no black magic involved

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But you can see everything underneath it, there’s no blind spot. It must remove the mount.

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Has anyone shopped here? Is it a scam?

Any mount directly underneath the Insta360 it hides in the stitching, look at any videos with one and you won’t see it if mounted correctly.

I couldn’t work out the horizon tilt either, it must be to do with sudden movement as it doesn’t matter what angle you have the camera at as it knows which way is up.

Just seen loads of bad reviews of Tecobuy. Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

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I’m always up for a bargain so I took a quick look at the site. The Trust Pilot review page looks like this:

One bad review can be expected if a firm fulfils thousands of orders, mistakes occasionally occur.

But 28% of reviews being bad? Not inspiring a great deal of confidence …

Not sure, it maybe because the drone was fighting 18mph winds.