Dorset chap logging in

Hey all
Just registered here, thanks for the invite Rich!
I run a Mavic Platinum, a Spark and a Karma, been flying drones for a few years, having started with the original Parrot AR drone which at he time seemed amazing :slight_smile:
I moved on from RC Helicopters and my main interest is photography and video.
Nice to meet everybody!


Welcome frogbmth
Pretty new here myself
Pull up a chair and enjoy
Just got the Mavic Pro had a phantom before that
I do a lot of photography and looking to do the video as well and from what I can see I made the right choice ( the inspire was just a tad outside my price range j


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Hi @frogbmth and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Nice fleet you’ve got there :+1:

The AR caught my eye back in 2010 at CES, I couldn’t believe that you could fly a drone using your iPhone AND see what it saw :open_mouth: I was blown away by the technology :smiley:

What’s the Karma like to fly?

Welcome once again Andy :+1:

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Thanks for the welcome guys.

The Karma is a lot easier to see than the Mavic, being larger, and also feels less bothered by the wind as you would expect, but it doesn’t maintain position or height well can take your eyes off it when flying as it will wander. It’s very smooth though and the GoPro video quality is much better than theMavic.
It’s also bulky to carry. Much more beginner friendly as there aren’t loads of settings,

I do like that the controller has a decent screen too. So for ultimate video quality the Karma wins but for practicality you can’t beat the DJI offering