Dover Castle


One from a while back - Dover Castle.

As usual if you’re only interested in the drone footage, you don’t need to watch the whole video. Drone stuff is the first bit of the video.

Weather conditions were awful that day and the MP was fighting the wind for a lot of it so I didn’t dare get that close to the castle. Made flying a little interesting.


As this area is in the Swingate NFZ did you bypass the no-fly zone? or is this just a high intensity radio warning area?

The Coastguard is also just to the left of this area with their costal radar?


It’s not a NFZ - it’s an area of “Increased Risk Of Radio Interference” … according to NATS


Yep, checked NATS - not a NFZ. I had the MP with me when l was wandering around on the top of the white cliffs the previous day. It was glorious sunshine but I took one look at the power lines and the big spinning radio aerial and thought no way was I flying near that. This is far enough away that I thought the radio signals were less likely to be a problem.