Downloaded lessons for The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve 15 book

Some time ago I bought a book. Definitive guide to DR 15. Then it would not work on my then comp. Have new comp and it will work now, The book wants a set of 15 lessons downloaded to go with the book. They appear to be no longer available. Has anyone a set they could let me have? Yes I know there are lots of tutorials on utube but would like to plough through the book

Contact the book’s publisher?

Blackmagic! They only answer paying customers!!!

That is totally incorrect - they have been proven to be most helpful to free users.

Phone number/email in this post:

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Quote from the email they sent me "Our support service and email, is only available to users of the paid version of Davinci, Resolve studio unless you are using a Black Magic Design I/O card like Decklink or Ultrastudio, Blackmagic eGPU, or are using a Davinci Resolve Control Surface with the free version of Davinci Resolve.
I have not had a reply to my original email. The above was an automated response.

Thanks for the tel no I will try that.

@Pterodactyl Terry thanks for that telephone number. I rang it and they were MOST helpful and solved my problem.
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