Downloading from MA2

Hi all

Is there a quicker way to download from Mavic than using the Fly Go app ?? I use the DJI app to edit stuff if that makes difference


You mean the photos and videos? :thinking:

Why don’t you take the memory card out of the drone and plug it in to your device?

You’ll get 1000000x faster transfer times and you also won’t be wasting a battery while doing it.

(1000000 might be slightly over estimated)


Why not use the provided usb cable and link the drone to a computer? The computer will identify 2 external folders - the sd card and the drones internal storage. The photo or video files can then be extracted as would be done with any external hard drive. Note though that the drone must be powered on for the folders to show!

Will they still show in the fly app to edit ???

Because of:


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Mate, you’re really gonna have to go in to more detail here as we’re all second guessing your intentions.

You want to “download” them from the drone, to what? Your phone? :man_shrugging:

So you can edit them on your phone? :thinking:

At the minute I download them through fly app wirelessly to my tablet and edit them on that using the fly app.
Tried using usb direct to drone but it doesn’t seem to recognise them in app to edit

Card reader plug into tablet job done, put the memory card in the card reader :man_shrugging:

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There are far better video editing apps than the one included in the DJI apps.

Any free to download for android you recommend

Powerdirector for me. I can’t recall what the limitations are with the “free” version … paid for it a long time ago.

Don’t see the point of restricting my options to “free” when better things are really quite cheap … even though I have to live to a very tight budget.

The DJI Mimo app is really good, as is Quik (GoPro).

Both free very capable editors not too thirsty on resources either

Get a PC and use proper software

Then get a Mac for it to work