Downloading off-line maps for the DJI RC

Not sure if I’m being a bit thick, or just too old and not that tech minded and so I apologise in advance; but I saw the new dji rc update included off-line maps and so updated and downloaded some maps; however, it seems to me you can only download several square miles in each download, plus once you’ve reached approx, 80MB, or 25 maps, despite having 20MB available on the rc sd card, you get a message stating you have exceeded the server capacity, or similar, and can’t download any more.

I downloaded a map for a location I intend to visit, then turned off Wi-Fi and tried to look at the location on the rc camera view map and there was no details!
I usually go into camera view maps and zoom in while connected to Wi-Fi and cache the map details and find this works fine (obviously, as long as you don’t delete the cache).

So what is the benefit of using off-line maps?

Cheers, Dave.

Do you have an SD card in your controller? I have 128Gb and it shows free space based on the card capacity.

Yes, showing 20GB free storage on my sd card but only allows 80MB or so to be downloaded?

Regarding the DJI mini 3 pro, RC controller and the latest software update. You can now download and store maps on to the controller. Can someone please recommend to me what size memory card would be ideal for this and any other uses that SD card would be needed for in the RC controller.

I use a 64 gb card. Screen recording would need the extra storage space also for flight cache.
Handy to have an extra card in case of forgotten or full SD card in the drone

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Just make the map area larger before you download.

You can cover a very large area in one map

I’ve been struggling with this; your help would be appreciated, how are you able to download a large area, or larger than the opaque rectangle?

Please excuse me reviving an old thread but…

Trying to load the new controller with off line maps and it is simple if you want to add a small area but trying to download an area like Exmoor for example is stupidly clumsy, or it’s me being stupid.

I have a 256Gb card in both drone and controller.

Before i start poking around and trying to load the controller card via my phone is there an easy way to download large areas. The biggest I’ve managed area wise is about (guessing here) a mile square.

Like with my os maps i probably won’t use the whole map but would like it as i have capacity.

Also, is there a way to see said downloaded maps on the screen, to check what had actually been downloaded.


Airplane mode and browse the area see what you have

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OK, so that now makes sense in DJI way. You can’t view the maps that you have downloaded by clicking on the downloaded tab, you just just get a representation of the map.

By connecting the drone you can view the actual map by moving it with 2 fingers.
What makes it more confusing is the base map that is already in place. You need to zoom into the downloaded map area and view the detail, then when you move off your downloaded map you lose the detail and revert to the base map.

I hope this might help anyone else as stupid as me.

I’m no expert but I find downloading maps a bit of a nonsense, and find caching the relevant areas a lot easier and better; not sure if others find this?
Cheers, Dave :+1: