Dragons Den last night

I just don’t get it.

Good luck to the chap though.


Peter Jones has a lot of Contacts with Hi Tech businesses all over the world.
He owns the Company that distributes our drones !
Just watch him go !.


Just watched it on you tube and looked at the website
I can see it would (excuse the pun) take off a one stop show for pilots to get commission’s
As for the other website for clips I had a look and some of them are like my worst shots and they are asking £50- £150 Mmmm
Maybe Rich and co are missing a beat on this along with the rest of us…

This forum could do similar at a much reduced costs

Saw an ad on instagram about the Drone Register with Peter Jones in it today.

Same …


I can absolutely see that the site could go far if registration became free for operators, then provide a booking and payment processing platform, with a schedule calendar and broker insurance for the drone pilots and the client alike. The revenue could come from a cut of pilot revenue.
The big issue is it’s easy to replicate what they are today and you could make a merchant platform from scratch with a far more engaging proposition quite easily.
They could also create a pop up shop service to qualify pilots and provide drones on finance as a business opportunity for people that want to get going.

Did watch it last night and then checked the website to find that the price for hobbyist registration has increased from £14.99 to £24.99 - guess that’s how a Peter Jones is going to get his investment back! :moneybag: :dollar:


Just came across this.
This Sunday, BBC2 at 8pm

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Thanks, just tried to check their website but seems to have gone down!


With the proposed legislation, I doubt that the business will grow at the rate they are expecting. I’m expecting to see 2nd hand prices dropping like stones next year and the number of new sales are likely to collapse. There’s only a real future for professional use if the government pull off what’s proposed.

Good Luck Mark, Wish you all the best. Go from strength to strength. Peter Jones is a good ally for our hobby as well as being seen as a business.