Drax Golf Club

As the title, 46 photos this time in Litchi, stitched by AutoGiga on MacBook, levels filters courtesy of PS.


Did you forget you had all these?

Anyone want any sky infill image files?


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Different position, litchi 23 images stitched in DJI Media Maker, levels in PS (couldn’t be arsed with the sky replace, always difficult with the power station ‘sticking’ above the horizon)

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Was a gloomy day, so no option but to HDR the shit out of a few stills, PS and Intensify CK on the MBP (Aerial Enhance)


Great shots Chris ! , did you have problems getting permission?.

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Non what so ever, in fact it was an invite that got me there first time around a few years ago.

The social club on the site is also my local boozer, so (as with all things) its not what you know ;o)

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Takes me back looking at Drax PS to when I done maintenance work on the Chimney Puller Fan motors.
It was the nearest I got to heaven in those days 850 feet up.

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Check out the PPE on the construction lads way back when

Now I think about it, we never had next to fuck all, a Hat ,and safety harness, that was about it!.
We nicknamed the lift the “vertical prison”.
The job I hated was replacing the Coal Pulveriser Motors.
You use to come out blacker than an Africans arse!.

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My uncle was on the emley moor build.
He used to take people up in the lift for 50p a time.
The old ‘elf and safety’ was a bit different then.

It actually ended his career as he got hit in the knee with a piece of shuttering that “fell off” smashed his leg and knee to pieces.

He had a plastic knee fitted and that wore out so he had a new one about 15 years ago. He’s plodding on, so to speak.

He’s not short of a few quid now though. :thinking: can’t for the life of me think why.