Dreaming Of A Bright Christmas

Quick trip to the Dream today


The dream?

What’s this Dave?

A sculpture in St Helens next to the M62
The Dream - Wikipedia

A.K.A - Big bloody head :wink:


Just looked it up, apparently less than 30mins from here, I’ve never come across it before, will have to check it out, cheers :slight_smile:

It was too bright to get a decent shot from the front or the side - all the straight shots overexposed and looked a bit bland so I decided to go all interactive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - again.

This low winter sun is a nightmare eh?

We moan all winter about it being cloudy, then we get a clear day and it’s still no bloody good to us :rofl:

Aye - I even applied a slight Bloom to the pano - looked very grey without it. (Got to love Kuula)

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