Drift chase footage

Not sure how many of you lads fly FPV but here is my latest video from Santa Pod


That looks like wicked fun! Where do you go to do that?


I film Drift all over the UK

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How did you get in to that? Some great footage

I used to Drift for many years and I have made contacts all over the uk
And when I started flying FPV I was chasing friends and then suddenly one after another started asking for videos of a chase drone
So now I’m at that stage where I am fully booked till end of April



Awesome. The footage looks cracking.
I’d be worried about clipping one of the cars - does that happen often / at all?

I had few little incidents but nothing major apart from one in Buxton where 5 cars ran over my drone ! :smiley:

I used to be head of security for buxton raceway and then hse labs harpur hill

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