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So, the last vid i uploaded was the aquaduct in wales… What i didnt tell you about that trip was that my MP had an incident with a ninja wall that appeared from nowhere!! Anyway… the drone was in bits, three damaged arms, broken gimbal and camera ribbon cable…

So im sat there crying trying to find somewhere to fix it and i come across Drone Doctors (i know you guys know who they are i just have never needed one) they were the only company with info on their site who gave any sort of clue as to how much the repair MIGHT cost… So, i chose them. Two weeks ago i sent my drone to them for repair and today it came home good as new…

I was VERY impressed with the service i recieved from them, from the quotes they sent offering a basic repair or a full cosmetic repair. The way it was packed to return it was better than how i sent it (and i thought i had been a little overkill). The cost… well depends how you look at it some might say it was a little steep being 3 quid shy of 300 notes… but given the sevice, i have no complaints of the cost.

I havnt flown her yet but she has passed all calibrations and i did taker her about 4 feet up in my garden to check all movements and stability etc and all looks as was.

Basically i am happy with Drone Doctors and i wanted to share my experience of them. If i HAD to pick fault then i would have liked it back a little sooner but i would rather they take their time and it be perfect than rush to get it done and workmanship be poor.

Happy flying resumes




Was that price for the basic or full cosmetic?



They sent both prices over. One for just a repair of the damaged parts and the other for damage plus cosmetics.

I opted for the full repair and cosmetic repair and she looks like a new drone, you would never know that it had been damaged… Im only upset that the battery i had on at the time is scratched… time for some vinyl stickers for that one i think.

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“could you post a link”? There’re many doctors out there and some are just “medicine men” …

I’ve wondered what I’d do now that a used Mavic Pro with all the other bits has dropped to around £550 mark.
I’ve thought of just buying one to set aside for that rainy day or to dismantle for educational purposes…:man_student:



Sure, no problem.



Thanks @Proteous Jay for this its always useful to have a backup in case something every goes south
i have a pair of spades for hand and eyesight thats also fading so some o the intricate stuff i would have done in the past is getting harder to do (euthanasia isn’t quite on the cards yet)
I know @PingSpike & @OzoneVibe do a lot of tinkering (camera repairs as an example) but i think its a faf to find the info specific to your repair and then to source all the parts

Thanks again Jay



Thanks for sharing @Proteous though hope never have to use!

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I’m curious as to why the drone sensors didn’t pick up the wall…?



They can’t see sideways/backwards. :wink:

The MP, that is. Ninja walls see in all directions.

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Yes it was indeed an attack from the rear. The nastiest ninja wall you ever did see… in fact there were 4 of them!!



Ahh you don’t see one for ages then 4 pop up all at once…