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Hope I am ok in creating this. One thing I wanna do is show my mom places that she can no longer get to… The idea was to go to places and film them and then copy the file onto a hard drive that is in her TV. However the format that the drones save in is not one that the TV reads. Is there a way of telling the drine to use a different format or a quick simple converter. I have a converter but wondered if there are any better ones that are quick and simple to use.

Most tellys will read mpegs, have you filmed it in H264 or 265?, the normal one is H264 although 265 files are generally smaller.

Better to upload to YouTube and point any smart TV to that

This one does not unfortunate. So I have to convert.

was not really going to make it public

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So it can only be seen by certain people…?

Although they are pretty big files so probably would not allow it lol

Only people you give the link

Failing that get yourself a copy of Handbrake, it converts pretty much anything to anything video wise

Will look into it. Thanks.

If the tele isn’t smart, has it got an HDMI socket? If so could play MP4s direct from a laptop or perhaps invest in a Fire stick with Kodi, and/or, YouTube installed.

No it is not a full smart TV. Has a few features. What I am trying to do is put them on a hard drive along with videos of family parties and all sorts. Then she can just press the input on her tv to the hard drive and select them. The You Tube idea is great for people who would want to do that. However I have shoved so much technology on her at the age of nearly 83, I am going to make this one a lil easier. So if I just have to convert that is fine.