Drone flying in a 'high risk' area

I know this question has come up a lot, and I do try to follow to get to a clear answer, but I never seem to see a clear, definitive “yes” or “no”. I’m therefore a little reluctant to ask again as you may get annoyed and frustrated with me. Apologies.

I have a M2P and a Mini2.
I need to do some drone video (commercial) around an industrial estate near Dagenham.

Using Drone Assist on my phone, it indicates a red zone and that it is ‘High Risk’.
The airspace is a CTR (Controlled Traffic Region) and is controlled by London/City CTR. The summary states it is a regulated high risk area and operation of your drone may be hazardous or prohibited. The vertical limits are ground up to 2500ft.
The regulated Airspace contains a high volume of aircraft, and it is recommended you do not operate your drone here, but if you do, follow the CAA Dronecode ensuring the drone remains in sight at all times.

I am confused by this: the colour red, and the words ‘High Risk’ suggest I should not fly here. But then the statement about following the dronecode and keeping your drone in sight (which I would) suggest it is OK.

Can anyone bring clarity to this? Can I fly my drones here, or not?

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It does come up a lot, and the answer is always clear. You can fly your drone there so long as you follow the Drone Code. You do not need to contact the airspace authority unless there are other airspace restrictions present.

This is also why many (most?) of us don’t use Drone Assist. Put Drone Scene on your phone instead, it defaults to not showing you the Class D airspace / CTR areas, which greatly reduces confusion.


Thanks for that kvetner. I’ll look for that now.

No need to look for it, think of it as a forum extension :grin:


I was looking for an app! :wink:

Just create a shortcut to it on your phone. It looks exactly like an app except it takes up no storage on your phone and is always up-to-date without having to download it repeatedly. And it has far more functionality than competitors.


If you the spare 30k sofa change, all contributions welcome for app development.

DroneScene is the best out there, but I would say that :wink:

All suggestions for future layers and features welcomed too


Ah - so you are the author? Nice one.

I have used Drone Scene in the past but had forgotten about it, but it does seem great.

Now if you could integrate Litchi mission hub and pre-visualisation of flights with it… :wink:


Not guilty, @PingSpike is your man, I’m a mere shouter from the hilltops

As for Litchi, they do a cracking job on their own, and DS is the perfect companion app, and all you really need to fly (most) DJI craft


Only problem I have with Litchi (and I’ll perhaps seek out an existing thread on this subject) is controlling the speed of the drone. I cannot (yet) make Litchi gently bring the drone to a stop. Instead, it is always rather abrupt. Very frustrating, as apart from that, it is fantastic.

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If your speed at waypoint A is 20mph and waypoint B is 0 it should adjust all the way along that track to a steady zero if not put in more waypoints slowly decreasing the speed

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Hello. Drone scene not a program more a web site, went to download from play store but no deal.

Correct. That’s mentioned above and there’s also a link to it in the forum’s menu. Launch and save a link to it on your phone, it’ll look & feel like an app.

All feedback gladly welcomed, if you need assistance on getting the shortcut on your devices homescreen give us a shout, it acts like an app but is constantly upto date and live, no adverts and free

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This tip is borderline life changing!!! Not only have I now got Dronescene looking and acting like an App in my iPhones drone folder but I’ve been able to apply the process to other regularly used websites. Thank you so much.