Drone flying in Bampton may be "opening a can of worms"

there have been some horrific accidents where drones have flown into children’s faces

For fucks sake.


Bampton should be reminded that they don’t have any byelaws in place:

We do not have any byelaws which relate to UAV flights

Source: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/720020/response/1723473/attach/3/FOI07329%20Formal%20Response.docx?cookie_passthrough=1


Councillor Lucy Bull said that it was not down to the council to give permission or not. She said: “It’s the camera and lack of regulation about that camera that bothers me more than anything else.

Every single fucking councillor is walking around at all times with an unregulated camera in their pocket, FFS. In the council building! With private paperwork all over the fucking place!


This utterly stupid council discussion demonstrates the problem with drone restrictions in a nutshell.

Every busy-body in the world thinks there is something special about drones and that they need to be treated differently from every other activity taking place on or above their land.

Some of that is understandable: they have their own safety regulations, in a way that kicking a football, taking photos using a hand-held camera etc don’t.

But other than those regulations, it’s just another thing that people do, in a park, on the street, wherever. And it needs to be treated like everything else - assumed to be of no special consequence so long as the basic safety regs are followed.


‘Bull’ indeed

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Exactly - a statement with no evidence to back it up.


This is the only ‘drone in a childs face’ UK incident that I know of …

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They made it sound like an everyday occurrence :roll_eyes:

People like that always sensationalise, their as bad as tabloid papers. Trouble is, some people are like sheep, don’t have a brain of their own, and will follow her understanding, and views without any personal research into what bollocks has come out of her mouth. Plus, people tend to fear what they don’t understand.

They’re called town & parish councillors :wink:


Having been reading drone blogs, YouTube etc for some considerable time and not least reading newspapers and watching TV news, I am extremely surprised I have not seen anything about drones being flown in children’s faces. That said, I watched someone flying a Mini 2 on Seaton seafront in Devon this week. He was TOAL from the road and flying at eye level past people on the promenade very close to them. At all, times, he was watching his monitor not the Mini 2. Nothing apart from a short walk to stop him TOAL from the beach. This does not help us!

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Google found one article from 2015, a young boy needed a prosthetic eye after being hit by the blades.

No mention of what type of drone, though from the video I’m guessing a cheap toy due to lack of stabilisation

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Your 100% Correct…Brain cells in large numbers of the Population have been Bred Out…Sad people. :exploding_head:

How many people, sheep etc are bitten and attacked by dogs every day? I would suggest far more (though more dogs than drones around).

Not being anti dog (though I am personally a little), but we work around them…


It has been proven that all criminals were at one time children - ban kids ! :wink:

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Being new to the hobby myself, this all demonstrates the need to always be responsible and to know the regulations and keep to them. Now I know why the training is in place!

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Shes a weapons grade fuckwit!

Oooo scary cameras oh no.

Also who proof read this shit?

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When you say you work around them…Does that mean that you work around to the back of them ??? :laughing: