Drone flying on the south downs

Hi, I’m a complete newbie and looking into places I’m allowed to fly my drone.
I’ve just bought a DJI Mini 3 pro as my 1st drone and hoping to take it with me whilst mountain biking, just read online that you are not allowed to fly drones on the South Downs but on any apps I can’t see any restrictions, can someone please clarify this for me as I don’t want to get into any trouble.

Hi and welcome Have you checked out the GADC very own drone scene ?
You might find that a lot more accurate as to we’re you can and can’t fly :+1:t2:

I think you will find lots of places will claim that drones are not allowed, with absolutely no justification/ authority.
A land owner can prohibit take of and landing from their land, but cannot restrict flying above it.
If the app (or drone scene) says there are no restrictions and if you try to avoid people, I’d be very surprised if you will have any issues.

I fly quite often on the downs as I live near by. Technically most national parks restrict drones with local bylaws but my experience is that early mornings using public rights of way for TOAL when there are few people and dogs about is not really an issue. Depending on where you are on the downs there are lots of interesting places to photograph

Said I was completely new​:joy::joy:…where can I find the GADC your talking about mate…by the way I’m in Seaford East Sussex…

This is GADC your on , grey arrows drone club :smile:


Hi Philip - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

If you are in seaford you can do the seafront ( high and low water) , Seaford heads, the golf course, seven sisters ,cuckmere haven ,cuckmere river, white horse ,long man, alfriston, east dean, birling gap.
Ok to fly in all those places and should keep you busy for a couple of days. I am over in Burgess Hill

Thanks for the response as that is what I was hoping to here :+1:

Hi Phil
Like you I’m a newbie too….
Looking to fly around Friston whilst exploring on my emtb let me know how you get on
Cheers Alan (Alan59)

Hi Alan, I will do as been out over Seaford beach, Long Man, The White Horse at Seaford And took a few photo’s of the church at Alfriston and must say I’ve been blown away by the quality of video and stills from this drone…

have a look at the list I gave Phil.a.b lots to photograph within a short distance of Friston

looks like my suggested list has got you started, good view of the church

Great list, thanks a lot :+1: