Drone Hacks app - How to enable FCC mode and remove NFZs on your DJI Mavic 3, Air, Air 2, Air 2s Air 3, Mavic Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4, Avata, RC Pro or DJI FPV drone

Want to fly using FCC mode with NFZs removed on your DJI Mavic Air, Air 2, Mini, Mini 2, or DJI FPV drone instead of CE mode?

Then you’ll be pleased to hear that our friends at Drone Hacks have the answer.

Their new DH Companion app (Android only I’m afraid!) will force FCC mode on your drone.

It’s not modding the actual drone which means when you power off the drone and turn it on again, it’ll back back to CE mode, but their app makes it very easy to enable FCC mode, it’s literally just a couple of taps on your screen.

You simply start up the drone and your controller, force-close the DJI Fly or GO4 app, and launch the DH Companion app. With FCC mode then enabled, simply force-close the DH app, then launch your DJI Fly / GO4 app and when it asks if you want to switch your region, simply click NO :smiley:

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Check it out:

DH-Companion, the new way to activate FCC on your Mini, Mini SE, Mini2, Mavic Air, Mavic Air 2 or DJI FPV


How do you know if you’re in CE or FCC mode in the DJI Fly app?

Make sure the 1km text is above the line in the graph:




Looks interesting.
Be handy if your struggling for signal in a WiFi congested area.

Mavic Mini ?

Is there not two separate models CE and FCC

I know in days gone by one model for all just region locked, and there was various hacks and tricks to utilise the FCC capabilities locked within.

Asking for a friend :rofl:


Mini 1 = two physically different hardware models

Mini 2 = one model

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Cheers I was thinking that.

Be no point in me ( my friend) using the app as FCC would not be available.

I had a look at the site very well set out.

The boost hack looks viable for the Mini :thinking:

I’ll maybe dabble when my warranty is up

Don’t know if anyone has gone down this route, so I thought, :man_shrugging: what the hell.
I can confirm it works, but there is a caveat.
If you “unlock” the FCC on your android device using the DH app, then open the fly app on your android device, your good to go.
If you “unlock” the FCC on your android app then open the fly app on your IOS devise, the IOS app does not recognize you are in FCC, but it will still recognize you are in FCC if you go back to the android device. So no IOS support for this, no Ipad’s I’m afraid…

I did contact support before I purchased and they were unsure as they do not use IOS devises so are unable to test.

Just a heads up though if anyone wants to try the app, for testing purposes of course… :wink:


Thanks for the update.

I like them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@speatuk is your post in relation to this?

If so, can I move it to that thread?

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Yes it is. Sorry I had only seen the post of which I posted in.

Thanks you


Actually…I’ve just had another response from support, they have asked me to try it as there is a possibility I may be wrong. So I will do a test tomorrow and update this thread.


On my Mavic Air when on FCC mode . It revert back to CE mode when there a firmware update …
don’t know other users experience this ?
Or maybe it just a one off ? :thinking:

Yes they normally do. When a software update comes out, the software designers who designed the “script”
that enabled FCC have to find a way of rewriting the software to enable this. So it’s better not to update until the script has been found and rewritten.


Has anyone tried the FCC hack with the mini 2?



Yep confirmed as working on that Mini2, MA2 and FPV Drone.


I’ll try my AIR 2S later this week, unless somebody already has🤔

It will work Steve. Just make sure you take it off Auto frequency hopping and set it to 2.5ghz when you meet up with anyone who is flying FPV. As the higher power completely interrupts the vtx.

@Howard78 can back me up on this.


Very true. I’ve yet to try it on the mini 2 but am
Looking forward to giving it a go - well away from fpv pilots


Must remember that when out with @notveryprettyboy and @DeanoG60

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Only kidding it’s great fun knocking the lads out of the sky :laughing::laughing:

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Brilliant, I’ve been looking for a working FCC hack for my Mini 2 for a while. I find in the open space, CE range is plenty, but it can be a problem with some obstacles around