Drone harmony app

Hi peeps idownlooaded drone harmony. Not tried it yet but has anybody got it and how do you get on with it. Any help or comments gratefully received:stuck_out_tongue:

I know @AllatSea has used it before :slight_smile:

I was using the earlier betas and was impressed. Sadly after a while it wouldn’t install for me so I drifted away, then I got a crystalsky which means I’m stuck with Go4.

It is made in the UK and I would use it again if I could

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I thought you could side loads other apps onto Crystal Sky now?

Probably can sideload … but registration may not work. I believe DH needs registration before it will work?

What about Litchi?

Litchi runs on the CS :+1:

If someone can point me in the direction of an APK, I’ll try Drone Harmony on the CS?

See DM

Thanks Dave :+1:

Well, it installed on the CrystalSky - no problem.

However, when you launch the app it says:

Drone Harmony won’t run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device.


That said, Litchi found a way to do it, and reading the details of Drone Harmony on the Play Store, it says:

So perhaps it might not be too far away :slight_smile:

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There’s Crystal Sky install notes on the Drone Harmony forum, now.


Thanks Dave!

That work around is not for me though…


You DH guys crack me up :rofl:


The occasionally occurring error?



Oh you guys :grin:

Your definition of the word occasional is clearly different to mine. It drives you bloody INSANE!!! It appears over the top of GO4, over the top of Litchi, everywhere! All the time!!

Sorry Drone Harmony, none of that is acceptable guys. Litchi runs fine without the need for Google services. As does GO4 (who I think now use openstreetmap?)

We don’t need DH desperately enough to put up with the constant Google service failure nagging prompts.

Personally, I’ll pass for now… here’s hoping they’re working behind the scenes on a proper version :+1:

Sounds like a Crystal Sky issue, then …. ?

To be fair, it’s a new app - developed in conjunction with latest firmware?

Firmware on what device though? Not the CS? (because no CS firmware versions include Google Services). And with DJI moving to openstreetmap recently, I doubt they ever will support Google services.

Yeah, it probably is.

Google Services won’t run seamlessly on the CS. I doubt that’s Google’s fault, it’s probably DJI’s because the CS is running a custom build of Android with a lot of unnecessary stuff taken out (like the Google Play Store, etc) so it runs smoother. I dare say in that slimming exercise DJI have also pulled all the components required to make Google services run properly.

If DH are committed to running their apps on many different types of device, I guess they need to remove their dependency on Google first. Like DJI, Amazon, Litchi, et al have.

I’m sure they’ll see the light :slight_smile:

I assume on the MP?

DH doesn’t even load onto the Huawei t3 so I may be spared🤣

That’s only because no one can pronounce it :blush:

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For what reason? Any idea?

No idea looked on play store and I couldn’t find it. Play store normally only list apps that will be compatible with you tablet or device

Ah - OK - indeed it does.