Drone insurance - Currys coverplan

When I purchased my MP2 from currys, I saw their coverplan for the drone was £119 for three years. Covers all accidental damage and has no claim limit or excess. Assumes you recover the drone and excludes fire damage.

Seemed too good to be true but I was convinced to buy it. Anyone have experience with their insurance plans?

Sorry I had no experience with them myself but other reviews suggest that they are okay

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Not got drone cover with them but got cover on a bloody expensive cooker which was £5 a month.
Had it 5 years and it packed up and the induction hob was too expensive to replace so I got full refund to buy another cooker.
Worked out well for me on that one as you get a free clean once a year which doesn’t cost much less than the cover plan price if you paid for it yourself.
Plus the new cooker was £90 cheaper than original so I got a gift card for the difference.