Drone Killer Weapon Being Developed in The UK

This new radio wave drone killer is being called a “Game Changer” it can take out multiple drones at once.

Scary stuff but this is what modern warfare is all about really.


Pimped up ECM…

Looks like it will be used upon detection of a hostile drone. So not active. I guess they can work out on their scanners, type of drone from direction from, size, speed. Problem here is when @clinkadink starts flying his drones in the wind and does his high speed stuff they will be watching him. :grin:


“System can neutralise a swarm of drones for 10p a shot.”

sometimes you’ve just got to laugh… 10p a shot … now that either sounds really cheap (the intended strap line) or they are intending to shoot down a whole planet load of drones to bring the R&D and implementation cost down to 10p a shot

bit like me saying I’ve got the most fuel efficient car in the world as it’s zero emission… it’s in bits in the garage… only when I start it up it is not at all efficient

10p a shot. Sounds like an 80’s space invader

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