Drone law in Japan

I’ve done a bit of research and seen the summaries of the regulations and rules in Japan https://drone-laws.com/drone-laws-in-japan/

However, I’m curious if anyone has any recent experience about flying DJI drones in Japan? Do you need to do anything before you’re allowed to take off in Japanese airpsace?

well if you research then you would of come across what you would need to do i asume? check there airspace regulations, see if tourists are excempted etc as some places like hong kong say that to a degree :slight_smile:

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Yes, as I mentioned I have done this.

I’m asking if there are any DJI hard locks.

Moved the topic to the Travel section where others might see it who have flown there.

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Thanks. So according to that just regular airspace?

I have no idea what you mean by that.

You asked …

… and I provided a link to the DJI Geozones that includes any areas DJI lock.

By “airspace” I mean Classed Airspace.