Drone lost in flight

I flew from a high view point, all was going well then I got batt error on my controller and all went belly up and tried to return to home, I was watching the battery power counting down like seconds on a watch and then it was descending, unfortunately it gone down in forest below mountain hard location to get access but i have seen a route on lower road along lake, i did a recce of the area for best possible route, was not risking today as to late in the day to take risks.

On the flight data shown it down to 3 meters, I will go and do a search on lower road for easiest access.a

Any advice be appreciated.

Drone lost in flight


I think you’re the first GADC member to suffer a lost bird.

So sorry mate :disappointed_relieved:

Advise wise, were you filming at the time? Any footage still cached in GO4? Any clues, landmarks, unusualy coloured or tall tress? Something you could recognise from ground level?

Was it still connected to the remote when it crashed? Is the “Find my drone” part of GO4 showing you anything?

Grab the flight log, it’ll give you the last known co-ordinates if nothing else, you can then put these in to your phone (google maps) and know roughly where to head. Details here: DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help

I take it this happened in the UK? Or are you abroad at the moment?

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Oh no. So sorry. I can’t add any more that PingSpike said other than to hold out hope that your bird will be found soon. Please let us know how the search goes.

PingSpike thats more then helpful,

i could see where roughly it went down but where i am 800 ft up and where it landed is rough terrian and its working out how to get close by road and then on foot.

did a recce and now thanks to PingSpike i have last co-ordinates at 3 meters high,its also showing up on the “Find my Drone” so will take the tablet plus phone.

only thing that worries me is if its up a tree as it dense forest.

is there a good app that i can download on android which will follow the co-ordinates.


Well in all honesty, let’s hope it is, as that will have protected it to some degree.

Do you have DJI Care Refresh?

If so, take a long stick with you, and a ladder if possible? Or something you can throw up at it to dislodge it from a tree. Even if it’s a brick - doesn’t matter what additional damage you cause if you have Refresh, right?

Fingers crossed you can find it :+1:

I took a tablet and phone with plenty of apps to find the drone without success, it took me 2½ hrs to climb about 800ft from road at a steep climb and 30 mins getting down lol, it was mud banks wooded and raining.
I got to the co-ordinates looked around but it was steep and boggy, not done this kind of crap since my army days and oh boy nearly quit a few times on route lol.

Had to try to find it before admitting defeat as this would have bugged me for a long time… I’ve tried now get another drone asp.

My family cannot believe how calm im about the whole situation, straight away when I realized what was going on just laughed lol.

I defiantly with a new drone do everything differently, tracker device defiantly be fitted, I know it was battery error only given me 14 mins from fully charged combined with human error when it came to landing as I should have let videos record on tablet so help in location surrounding.

Anyone knows where I can pick up a drone only PM me please.


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You’re certainly taking it a lot more calmly than I would in your situation. And to find another drone straight away and get back in the saddle, as it were. Kudos to you, sir.

It might be a good time to buy another drone as there are likely to be some good deals around in the run up to Christmas. DJI have just had a three-day price drop on the Spark, maybe they’ll do the same with the Mavic. Don’t forget the company is making a ‘big announcement’ tomorrow (11th), it may have an impact on the current market.

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I can NOT vouch for this seller, but DJI Part 42 is a “drone only” option with no controller, no charger, etc:


So sorry you couldn’t find it :frowning:

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Here we go, a seller I can vouch for:


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it is a waiting game for a good deal.

thanks will look.