Drone meetings at Richmond park

Hi All been looking to get into droning is anybody planning on flying in Richmond Park if so might I come and observe



Sadly I don’t think you are allowed to in Royal parks in London. And I bet Richmond is one of them but there may be an area called Flying Field where it’s ok

There is an area called “The Flying Field” in Richmond Park. Link below.


Maybe in January / February time. I’ll be working that way so would be rude of me not to.

Thanks for that

Sounds good man let me know…:+1:

Waiting for the weather to get a bit better before heading down to Richmond park. This post is 20 days old, have you been down to Richmond Park?

Would be nice for those of us in and around London to organise a mini-meetup at Richmond Park.

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Hi There,

No I haven’t been down down there yet
it would be nice to though to organise something I don’t actually have a drone yet but am looking to get into it as a career,can you recommend a good drone to start of with?also if you decide to go and fly is it o.k if I come a watch?


I’d recommend the Mavic Pro. They’re going for crazy prices on ebay.

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O.k Thanks

Is this the one ?


That’s a fake, BUT this one isn’t:https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/DJI-Mavic-Pro-4K-Quadcopter-with-Remote-Controller-Gray/22031187574?iid=183248574395&rt=nc

I usually go Sundays if it’s not raining.


Ah ok would you go to the flying field?

What date is this meetup going to happen?

Looking at the weather, Saturday the 11th is low wind and no rain - if that works, I’ll pop it in the meet-up section of the forum

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Could we do Sunday rather that Saturday?

I’m not around this Sunday - we could organise a two day meet-up :sunglasses: drone weekend!

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For when?