Drone or quadcopter - what do you call it?

We’re all aware that the word ‘drone’ sometimes has negative and emotional effects on some, shall we say ‘less-informed’ people. I’ve heard of a few flyers that refer to their UAV’s as quadcopters in order to avoid any potential conflict situations. But what do you do? Do you proudly call your aircraft a drone and hang the consequences or think quadcopter is a better, safer name?

Let’s have your comments below.

I go straight in with DRONE no messing around!

I was once asked by a passer-by if I was flying a “spy drone” which I found quite funny :smile:

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Yep Drone for me no beating around the bush…:grinning::+1:

I think quadcopter is a safer name, but… the general public would have no idea WTF I was on about :rofl:

I call it a drone - everyone knows what a drone is :+1:

I’ve only met a few people while out flying and they’ve all been fascinated by it. Last weekend I was over a quary and a lady walked by with a dog and a kid, he was about 12 or so. As they approached I could see him pointing at it in the sky and saying something to his mum.

As they drew level I asked him if he knew what it was, he proudly told me it was a drone :wink:

I asked him if he wanted to see the screen (iPad mini) and he was absolutely blown away. I made his day bless him. As they left, his mum even said ‘thanks’ :slight_smile:

That said, I must get me one of those spy drones that @yorkshire_drone has :smiley:

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I call it both drone and quadcopter, Drone to under 50’s and quad to the older persons enquiries.

Back when we all first started building these using RC heli gyros and bits from Wii remotes, they were know as quadcopters, tricopters, hexacopters, octocopters, dodecacopters etc, but all came under the umbrella of Multirotor. The word drone was being fought back then and most in the hobby didn’t want the label, but the media loved it and newcomers were throwing it around all over the place because they’d seen it in the media. I remember there being a bit of a hoo haa when RC groups changed the “Multirotor Talk” board name to “Multirotor Drone Talk”.
I find the whole thing a bit weird now. I tend to call it a drone, just because everyone now calls them that and It’s kind of lost its bombing/war connotations now anyway. The word drone now conjures up images of little white, plastic X’s that make annoying noises. I’d prefer to use “multirotor” but most people would just look at me blankly…


I always use Drone…

Quadcopter always makes me think of race drones…

Mine’s a flying camera. Confuses the feck out of them.


All quadcopters are drones, not all drones are quadcopters. :wink:

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Call it a UAV and have people worried about being invaded by little green men! :wink:

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I call mine Dave.


My missus calls it my flying camera thingy

To me it’s my eye in the sky

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What he said! When I had my f450 Flamewheel quadcopter I was so against the term “Drone” but you can’t stop the influence of the tabloids so now I call it a drone too. I always say Aerial photos rather than Drone photos though.

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Yep…Drone for me…but I guess if it was a self build without a gimble, I would probably called it a Quadcopter, but its a M-Pro so its a Drone

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Hi, my wife calls mine whirlybird, I always say UAV, just for the hell of it. Lol’s

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…Everybody knows a Dave :wink: