Drone performance drop

Hey guys,

I’ve been flying my Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle 2 for a little over a month now and decided to get an insta360 Go camera for it. I attached a mount and when I tested it, the flight time dropped from an average of 5 mins to 2.5 mins. I thought that it was the weight of the camera reducing the flight time but I tried flying again without the camera, but the mount still attached and the average flight time was still 2.5 mins.

Now I’m wondering if it’s the mount that causes the issue. I would take it off and compare but the mount is such a hassle to get on and off I was wondering if it’s worth asking here before testing that.

What do you guys think?

How heavy is the mount? I don’t think that quad is designed for an action camera. I might be wrong.


I own the tinyhawk freestyle 2 myself and I wouldn’t want to attach any more weight onto it myself personally. It’s a cracking little quad to learn on I love mine. But remember it’s only running 2x 1s lipos. What batteries are you using? Are you using the standard 450mah batteries that came with the tinyhawk? If so you could try the 520mah batteries.

I use these

And they give me a little extra flight time over the standard 450mah that came with the tinyhawk. Hope this helps :+1:t2:


The Insta360 Go is just under 20g. I use one myself on a 2" drone but it has 1105 motors and I use a 4S 450mAH battery. I’m also using a 3D printed TPU mount for the camera which doesn’t way much at all. It does reduce flight time though by 20-30%. Those Tinyhawks are very small and weigh only 50g (without battery). I’m always surprised that a 1S battery can actually make the thing fly.

What mount are you using and how much does it weigh (including any screws etc.)? You need to look at the difference between the up all weight with and without the camera.

Yeah I’m currently running the 450mah ones currently and didn’t know I could use higher ones so that’s really helpful, thank you!

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Yeah I’m so surprised that a mount and screws can affect the flight time of a drone but then I guess I didn’t factor in the weight all of that! Thanks for the advice!

I did a quick test without the mount and just managed to get 4.5mins of flight time so I think it has to be the mount. I’m going to try and get more powerful batteries that DeanoG60 suggested and will probably send the camera back!

Thanks for the advice guys!

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They aren’t more powerful they still supply the same voltage, think of mah as the batteries fuel tank the higher the mah the more juice it has but obviously the bigger the mah the bigger the actual physical battery is those ones I linked to are slightly bigger than the standard 450mah that comes with it but still fit just fine and do provide slightly more flight time due to the bigger capacity. Hope I’ve explained that well enough to understand :+1:t2:

Again the more weight the drone has to lift the more power the motors will need to keep it in the air so as you can imagine the weight has a huge bearing on the flight time due to the motors pulling more power to keep the heavier quad in the air.

Also I have found those batteries at a cheaper price point here