Drone Photography book

Are there any useful drone photography books?

I’ve not seen any in book shops but there is a range on amazon:


But who needs books when you have the knowledge and experience of more than the 600 members of GADC! Never seen a question that somebody here hasn’t been able to answer.

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Next wining numbers for Saturdays lottery @BrianB please…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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7,13,17,23,31,36 but don’t tell anyone else :wink:


Damn you @BrianB.

I need to put them on now in case it comes up :rofl:

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good luck guys
i have the winning numbers anyway…

would be a surprise if they did come up

I don’t get it books don’t cost that much that you need to win the lottery!


Thats just the norm on here these days, things only stay on topic for a couple of posts :rofl:

Your only saying that because you didn’t win with BrianB’s numbers…

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Now if you had won! :eyes::flushed:

Glad you all lostcand I won then :triumph:

The photographer’s guide to drones by Colin Smith is awesome!!
Someone gave me a copy right after I got my first mavic and I still love it -

here’s a great review of it
Book review

You can buy here


Thanks I will have a look at that.

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Hi, if you are interested in cinematography, take a look at www.dronefilmguide.com it’s a brilliant guide to making the best video from you drone. It’s not free but damn good value.