Drone pilots beware – a huge new exclusion zone is now in place around Bournemouth Airport


this suddenly appeared in the local paper today

Bournemouth Flying


Sensationalist reporting … “banned”, “exclusion” … rather than “restriction”.

They should be forced to publish a correction.


It’s not as if it was something unexpected, though, is it?


Fish and chip wrapper.


Probably necessary. Most people do not own drones and don’t keep up with the rules that are changing. Suppose its good that its being reinforced here there and everywhere.

And I wish Coventry had a sympathetic councillor like the one in the report.




Its such an ‘on trend’ thing to do atm. FFS. Leave it out guv’nor!!!


The biggest issue with the article is that it only mentions ‘drone gadgets’ and it doesn’t makeclear that it’s anything that flies unmanned including toy gliders!!!

They did a map on BBC South which showed Bournemouth and Southampton airport FRZs but didn’t show Lee-on-Solent which covers most of Gosport and Fareham - so much for a public information service!


It’s lip service … because most people watching aren’t at all interested.

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I just looked at the NATS Drone Assist and the zone around Bournemouth airport is the same as it has always been apart from a small extension on the flight path of the aerodrome traffic zone

So yes just sensationalist reporting.