Drone public science lecture at Daresbury Laboratory, April 23rd

For any of our northern friends. Part of the public engagement programme at Daresbury Laboratory in Warrington.

Drones: the brilliant, the bad, and the beautiful
Professor Andy Miah
This talk examines the consequences of a society
in which people live among drones. From the
most spectacular and amazing applications to the
most destructive ones, it charts a course in recent
history which tells the story of how drones came
to prominence and what they mean for humanity’s
future. Focusing especially on the scientific
uses of drones, it examines how these flying
machines are enabling new kinds of research to
emerge, along with discussing some of the biggest
technological challenges they present, which tell
the story of how artificially intelligent robots will
become a bigger part of our lives in the future.

It’s not on their website to book yet, but you can see it in their brochure of programmes here: https://stfc.ukri.org/public-engagement/activities-for-the-public/visit-daresbury-laboratory/talking-science-at-daresbury-laboratory/dl-talking-science-2019-20-pdf/


Interesting !!! Would you mind giving a heads up when booking opens - Id like to attend that.

It’s not near me, so I won’t be attending. Not really sure how far in advance booking opens, but if I happen to remember I’ll update here.

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