Drone Scene Stats

I am sure we have discussed this in the past, but in case it hasn’t … it would be great to see some Drone Scene stats posted now and again. Not just to satisfy us data nerds :smirk: … but also encourage competition - and possibly help with those who are new to droning too :grin:

As a starter for ten, some tables or even graphs that show:

  • Locations by Category
  • Locations by Region
  • Locations by User
  • Locations with Media
  • Location by Land Owner Permission

Not sure if I am alone in thinking this is a good idea :joy:

I have made a mock-up below …

@PingSpike - let me know if you want the video removed :+1:


You really need to get out more Chris! When’s the next video coming out?

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Not too long mate. The drones have been dusted off, updated and had new props :+1:

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I think it’s probably just been fragmented discussions in other threads around a particular feature at the time. The most recent stats-based discussion I can recall was around the “I’ve flown here” button that we added, as this gives us even more stats around which people fly in the most places recommended by others, which places are the most popular by member-flights, etc.

We have some small forum stats on the bottom of the /About page here, I could add some Drone Scene stats to the About page of DS if there’d be enough interest?

Happy for everyone to discuss and scope out further :slight_smile:

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That would be great, thanks Rich :pray: Equally, don’t want to add to your every growing plate :grimacing:

I’ll leave some screenshots here to help with any discussion :+1:

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Looks like you’ve done it already.:rofl: I like the idea Chris and I’m presuming the DS database could be linked to spreadsheets reasonably easily (at least those with options to choose from).

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