Drone therapy

Drone Therapy
Just wanted to post on here and tell you how much this little drone has helped my mental health. I have Autism spectrum disorder and find any social situations very difficult. I am unable to work because of my inability to even function for weeks at a time. I have a degree in creative music technology and spend a majority of my life behind four walls immersed in audio but always loved images/video. I started to watch some videos and see some images taken by the mini 2 and that sparked my interest. I pulled the trigger and bought the mini 2 around a month ago.
This thing has distracted me so much I have seen an improvement on some of the traits that cause me so many problems. Having Autism means I can get very obsessed with something if I like it and I have certainly become obsessed with what #dji have produced here.
Honestly for me to even get outside is a huge thing but the enjoyment and rest bite I get I am truly grateful for.
This is just the start for me I think I have been totally drawn in and I am enjoying the drone community so far.
It’s taken a lot to put this out there.
I’m 51 now but am like a child with this thing.
I think because I concentrate so much when flying I am able to forget I am outside. (Just takes a little persuasion to get there)
I am also able to tuck myself away for TOAL.
Sometimes the impact of A.S.D is immense and any relief from it is a rare thing for somebody who it impacts daily.
I am very grateful to my little mini 2 for what it has done so far.
And to see all the new drone technology available makes me wish I was a millionaire.

I also want to thank the grey arrows for this forum and how I have been welcomed here. Again normally a very difficult task but been made easier by you all.
I’m not sure many people fully understand the impact ASD can have but I am sure just how much of the relief and break from it all this gives me.
Thank you to you all here for that and Dji for the mini 2 the only problem now is I want it all.

Hope this is ok to post here and makes some sense it takes a hell of a lot to post at all



Great to hear that the mini 2 is helping you get out and about Mark.

I think many of us can relate to you as I for one can say that im like a kid with my drones and definitely would say im a little obsessed.

I hope you enjoy getting out while the weather is good and will look forward to seeing some footage of your flights at some point soon.

Thanks again for sharing and take care.



Hey Mark, firstly huge well done for coming on here and speaking openly about your condition, Men in general don’t like talking at the best of times let alone about things like this. It’s great that you have found a distraction in droning, it’s is I agree a way to escape the world and it’s problems and just give you a bit of me time.

My daughter Maddie now 17 is literally going through being diagnosed. 15 years we’ve been trying but as you may know it’s harder to get a diagnosis for girls as they seem to better at masking apparently. The primary school didn’t want to know and the senco was useless but, because nothing came of that and it was all put down under the OCD bracket it was left alone.
She then went though all of secondary school with no extra help to get her though it, it’s not that we didn’t push it it’s just we as a family leant to deal with it. The diagnosis doesn’t change anything as far as her family are concerned, we all knew deep down she has it and treated her in the way we know best.

It wasn’t till now, after this covid hype were she struggling with anxiety and with the thought of starting college etc is was all to much. Whether your the same or not Maddie really hates change. Anyway so my wife and I decided to book her some online therapy mainly for the anxiety, only after a 3/4 sessions the therapist spoke to us and mentioned that she could detect autism in some of Maddies traits and would we mind if she ran some test, non official but if anything came of it she has the knowledge to push it forward.

Our releif to hear this was overwhelming, all those years of trying and this lady pics up on it after what was really 4 hours of therapy. She is nearing the end of all the background checks now and the next step is to see the GP just to make things official, this should allow her to get the help she needs in college going forward.

I take Maddie out on a few camera trips with me and she loves it, I do Believe there is a lot of therapy in what we do whether we’re flying or like Maddie just out for the ride.

Any way think I’m rambling now but, thanks for sharing your story with us and hope you continue to find droning a cure it really is a great hobby.


Thanks for your reply Howard78.
It’s nice to get some feedback and realise that it was ok to post this on here.

Thank you for your kind words it means a lot.


Your story about Maddie is one that is oh so common and I hear so many like it. Girls do tend to mask a lot and tend to adapt and copy. It’s so difficult as a child especially in such an unforgiving environment of secondary schools. It’s times like this that can become a nightmare for anyone with ASD.

I just don’t deal with change and sudden change can put me down for days.

I’m so glad Maddie has her diagnosis for her sake at least it can allow for some separation from the ASD.

Theee are so many positives to Autism which aren’t seen by the masses unfortunately.

Being creative which droning is is a great distraction and I hope you and Maddie get to spend many hours together enjoying it.

Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for understanding Autism.



Absolutely fine for you to post it on here.

I’m pretty sure most of us live the hobby due to the escapism it provides.

Enjoy your flying and feel free to ask as many questions as you have.


So very pleased to hear that your DJI drone is bringing you so much pleasure. Its also so incredibly brave of you to make this post and, I for one, am so pleased you did. I believe this club to be the best drone group on the internet and I’m totally confident that all the members here will be only too pleased to help in any way they can find possible.
Unfortunately, our hobby is frowned upon by many so its very comforting to learn of some positive benefits of flying a drone that can assist in someone’s wellbeing.
I’m sure you will continue to enjoy your drone and I look forward to sharing your exploits and their results. Don’t forget to let us see your footage/photos :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thank you for the reply and your kind words.
The escapism is a huge factor for the enjoyment. One of my good traits (although troublesome at times) is my honesty and I really felt the need to be honest about what I get from flying as well as how this club made me feel. I think if I can be honest and have the courage to post it might help someone else. I will upload some footage as I have made two videos and edited them with music. they aren’t to bad for my first ones. Thank you again for your reply it means a lot.
I understand the hobby can be frowned upon and that does concern me. I have through research and on here familiarised myself with the drone laws and code so I at least know my rights. In all honesty I have to have someone with me anyhow so they would probably deal with any unwanted interference. I try to place myself away from people or go out very early.


I wouldn’t let others concern you too much. As you say, you’ve done your research and therefore you are legal. I regularly fly my drones to assist in the recovery of lost dogs which means I quite often have to operate at the edge of legality. I’ve found that once an inquisitive member of public understands what I’m doing they become very supportive. I’m sure your companion is more than able to explain the benefits you are experiencing so I wouldn’t be concerned. At the end of the day - you are legal so it doesn’t matter what an uninformed member of the public thinks or says - you enjoy yourself and go for it :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hi Mark

And welcome to the group.

There is so much negativity propagated about our toys that the joy it brings to many is unjustly overlooked.

I’ve come across many stories similar to yours, including mine, where some aspect of this technology has provided a much needed new freedom, for those overcoming both physical and mental barriers. But sadly these revelations are seldom celebrated.

Without going through 56 years of my history I will say that your post rang many bells associated with my own experiences and battles.

I’ll end this by saying you couldn’t be among better company on this forum, and nor could you have made a better choice of the Mini 2 as your new found panacea.


Wow powerful reply Nidge. What you said hits home I can imagine. I do feel welcome here and that’s a nice feeling all be it a rare one for me. I will keep at it and keep enjoying it. It’s people like yourself that help make these experiences real.
Thank you


What a wonderful post - thank you so much for sharing with us.
I’m having fun with terminal cancer - and to have an excuse to get up early; go to the park; catch early sunlight has been a magic experience…
Living in South London means we don’t have as many magic sunrises/sets as a lot of you do, but occasionally… My spy in the sky is an Air 2S. Absolutely love it!!!


Thank you for commenting Chris. I am sorry to hear about your terminal illness but your bravery and positive outlook stands out from any negative. To just appreciate being outside with the sunshine is a privilege and I see it as that every time. We see the same sun although in different settings but it’s beauty never changes. I wish all the very best Chris your words are an inspiration.


I have Asperger’s and know how hard it can be with obsessions and getting out , well done and enjoy your Mini 2 :+1:


Thank you so much for sharing.
I appreciate this is a forum for people enjoying flying. But I’m getting a lot of “why” people are enjoying flying - we all are out there for different reasons? There is no one single reason?


Hi Mark, great to hear the hobby is helping you. without wanting to get controversial personally I think the Mini 2 is the best drone out there purely for the freedom it gives you to fly almost anywhere, something which more expensive and advanced drones cannot do for all the tech they have.

Enjoy that little wonder machine and revel in the freedom it gives you :grinning:


Thanks Jayley we have a lot in common then. Thanks for your comment it’s appreciated.


Yea I agree. I guess we never know the meaning of some things to some people hey. I think that’s why we shouldn’t presume.

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Hello Mark,

Welcome to GADC and thank you for sharing your story

A disability is just that, but can be overcome, some years back my life changed in an instant when my son was suddenly born 2.5 months premature. That moment I became a different person and found a new world I didn’t know anything about, I now have lifelong friends with varying ranges of disability and needs.

I wanted to share a poem a friend of mine wrote last week

The autistic child lives a lonely existence,

Longing for friends but they just keep their distance.

Awkward and naive, trying to be accepted,

Deflated and hurt, continually rejected.

Masking emotions until frustrations explode,

Fighting back tears through sensory overload.

Flaying, rocking - trying to self calm,

Anger, self hatred, causing self harm.

Ridiculed by peers as conspicuously different,

Shamed, humiliated - made to feel insignificant.

Confused by a world they just don’t understand,

Struggling to cope with its changes and demands.

Crippled by anxiety that drains their body and mind,

Constantly wondering how the world can be so unkind.

A vunerable target for those who do not feel,

Words inflicting wounds that do not heal.

The autistic child’s parents share their pain,

Desperate to make them feel worthwhile again.

Whilst those ignorant will carry on despite,

You pray others will value your child and fight.

Until that day, my child, we will wipe away your tears,

We will help you to smile and overcome your fears.

You will learn to value your amazing mind,

Autism is just part of you, you’re one-of-a-kind.

You don’t need to change for the world, the world needs to change for you,

Discrimination and mindlessness simply will not do.

You are quirky, kind, caring, funny and wild,

You are unique and amazing, our beautiful autistic child.

Written by Katie Williams

You are in good place here, enjoy your flying and keep sharing :+1:


That’s an amazing poem Wayne cheers for sharing :ok_hand:t4: