DroneCo Productions Snapshot - 2.5" cinewhoop

If you’re not aware of DroneCo Productions, it’s a guy in the States called Chris Teal that produces the ‘Slammed’ version of the Shendrones Squirt. Essentially he designs pretty nice looking carbon frames, mainly cinewhoops in a variety of sizes, and also some fancy looking TPU ducts/guards to go with them. https://www.dronecoproductions.com/

I was looking at the Slammed Squirt but can’t really justify buying/building yet another drone at the moment. I have a 2.5" BetaFPV Beta 95X V3 which is kinda fun but I’ve never really been 100% happy with it. Mounting my Runcam 5 on it is really tricky - it has a (very) soft mount camera attachment system that wobbles everywhere and no doubt causes the flight controller no end of stability problems. The frame is mostly plastic and getting to the innards is a pain in the arse, nasty little self-tapping screws into soft plastic everywhere. The battery mounting area is pretty dumb and severely limits the size and shape of batteries that can be fitted. It’s also noisy as hell, especially once you put the 50g Runcam 5 on it which requires a lot of throttle to get off the ground - I know all drones can be a bit noisy but this thing is deafening and I really have to think carefully about where and when to fly it.

I spotted the Snapshot frame, joined the FB owners group for that model and saw lots of people that had successfully migrated everything from the 95X (and also the GepRC Cinelog 25) over to the Snapshot. For $30 it seemed worth a go, delivery from the States only took a couple of weeks.

It’s a simple little frame and can be built as a pusher or traditional tractor. I went for the pusher setup. Neat little frame and very easy to work on. I opted to 3D print my own parts rather than pay an extra $20-30 to have them supplied. They came out pretty well.

The camera mount up front is my own 15-degree ‘couch’ design. A bit clunky at the moment as it’s only a proof of concept, I’ll slim it out a little and make a few minor changes and print another soon.

The ‘build’ was a piece of cake as everything just moved straight over from frame to frame.

More TK…


That looks really nice… I’m just on a “want new drones” fad right now… These are so tempting…

But will leave it to learn to fly better first. Lovely drone mate :slight_smile:

You need a few drones. Otherwise when you break one, you don’t have any to fall back on…

Also, loads of different ones means you have at least one that is perfect for every occasion…


Well tbh think I got 7… Should update my status :wink:

And post a photo somewhere so you can get the “Fleet Operator” badge.

Had a very quick fly yesterday. Didn’t have time to go anywhere interesting or fly much, so just spent 5 minutes outside the house checking the handling.

Originally I had my throttle expo midpoint set to about 45% which is what was needed to hover/cruise with the Runcam 5 on board in the old frame. I was finding it quite hard to keep a steady height in a gentle cruise, then realised I was only using 18-20% on the new frame :flushed: I’d heard the frame was a bit more efficient, but that’s quite a difference! Anyway, changed my throttle expo midpoint via the OSD to 20 and suddenly it was super smooth and easy to maintain a steady height at low altitude.

Did some low cruising and also a few faster turns, no propwash to speak of, which is good. Still using my original tune on BF4.2

Quick clip here.

Looking forward to getting out somewhere more interesting with a few batteries


Loving this thing. Had a brief cruise about this morning as the sun was coming up.

It just flies so smooth. This is mildly stabilised in Gyroflow, but it just seems so easy, in the goggles, to put it wherever I want with ease. My flying is still a bit wobbly and my fingers were freezing this morning, but I’m starting to see those super smooth cinewhoop videos you find on YouTube as almost achievable now rather than otherworldly and completely out of reach.