Dronelink (thinking of getting)

As the title says, does anybody use Dronelink? How easy is it to use etc the usual questions?


I think its a bigger learning curve than Litchi, what is it you want it for?

I have both. I tend to set the mission up with litchi, then export it to dronelink. Then finalise it. When you do make sure you check it out in google earth as this gives you a better idea of the lay of the land, so to speak.

It depends on what you want to do. If your wanting to create a mission with multiple different things going on, look around this with a dronie, then head off here and stop take a panoramic shot then change the camera settings and alter speed and height etc etc. Then dronelink. Litchi can do most of these but not in the same mission one after the other. You can change from one to another, photo to video but you can’t go from a dronie to a side scan of a structure in the same mission.

Dronelink you can.

I will say. Litchi will just about support everything most people will want to do. Is easier to set up but lacks a lot of control dronelink has.

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I’m thinking of software to use for the civil engineer students for demo’s and use it for the odd mapping exercise, and for $20 it’s cheap enough to try.

That’s what I’m looking for, something that can do more than Litchi without paying a fortune for Drone Deploy.

Dronelink. Is what you will be looking at then.
Head over you YouTube and checkout the dronelink 101 and Oyibo VFX.
He’s a Dutch guy he explains very well the workings of dronelink.

I went with premium as I wanted Airdata and a few other things. Thing is with dronelink you can also connect to other accounts and share your missions and also watch them take place in real time.

I ‘bought’ into it when it was free, but still great value, good support too, the dude used to run Hangar