Drones, betting and horse racing

M300 landed on Chepstow racecourse. Expensive for someone and it’s certainly a reportable incident.
Sais to be flown by “novice” pilot. What the hell is a novice doing flying that.

Oooooooooooooouch. That does look bad.

All the bits (except some props) seem to be in a small area so maybe crashed into a tree or on landing?


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That’ll buff right out :rofl:


Use Duct Tape as it fixes everything :rofl:


Do tell how much does a drone like that cost not the one what’s in bits :thinking:

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In the loosest sense of the word :rofl:

I’m sure I recognise that photo from some time ago … as in more than a year.

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Probably 10k upwards depending which model drone and camera. Not mine thank god.

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That must have hit hard! DJI drones are pretty robust, my Air 2 has taken a few spills, but nothing that made it take more than some blade chipping… must have annoyed a horse or something!

I’d call bullshit on this one too.

I’m pretty sure it would have made the news? Even locally?

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Didn’t they have a big moisture problem? I seem to recall the police lost a few


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No that was the M200 series. Mainly a firmware problem on the TB55 batteries.

I can’t disagree with you there.

The bits are all in one place in the photo yet the damage suggests a heavy impact which would generally scatter the bits all over… unless this is someone having gathered the bits together?

Defo not had a full story. Although if AAIB didn’t investigate and/or it wasn’t reported properly, maybe it wouldn’t be news. I’ve seen that before in other safety critical industries- things that a whole lot of people on the front line share phots of discretely but never get reported…


Hmm, this from The Racing Post;


Then it is recent. :+1:

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Ouch, you would feel sick crashing a drone like that and to that extent with the damage’s.

I’d be more worried about the camera. Not unusual for those drones to carry one that’s worth FAR more than the drone.

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Are you sure this wasn’t a Police one under cover looking for lockdown rule breakers?