Drones covering the flying displays at Antidotum airshow Leszno, Poland

Trailer for Planes TV online coverage, 20-22 June 2024.

What are the prospects of drones being allowed to do that in the UK?


Its easy to do this with a drone if your part of the airshow team. Proper insurance / flight plans / everyone knowing what’s happening, so radios between drone pilot / tower / planes etc. If you coordinate it all then this is simple to achieve.

Just because there is a big red dot round an airport does not mean that drone flights will never be able to be flown there. Drones are often used at airports for very valid reasons. It’s all about having the right infrastructure and agreements in place.


wow, now that is an airshow… didn’t know it existed… have to put it on the bucket list

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Cool, are there shows in the UK doing that this year?
Would be amazing to see :smiley:

Was new to me as well, just happened to see the video recommended.
Seems to be a fairly new show. So many shows are being cancelled in the UK.

In the YouTube description it has this – - its in June so you will be able to watch it on YouTube 20th - 21st June

Join us live from one of Europe’s most exciting airshows, Antidotum Airshow Leszno in Poland.

The practice sessions on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st will be broadcast live here on YouTube and ad-free on our streaming service, watch.planestv.com. The main airshow (15:00-23:00 local time) will be broadcast exclusively at watch.planestv.com.

The line up is due to include military jets (Polish F-16 and M346), trainers (Slovenian PC-9), aerobatic teams (PC-7 TEAM, Aerobatic Team Orlik), warbirds (T-28, P-51, Corsair), transport aircraft (Polish C-130), helicopters (Bo105, Cobra, Swiss Super Puma, Czech W-3), vintage jets, parachutists, hot air balloons, paramotors, paragliders, gliders and special one-off combined performances. The event runs late into the night, featuring plenty of flares and concluding with spectacular pyro displays by Aerosparx and the Flying Dragons. Another major highlight will be the Swedish Air Force SK.60, performing at an airshow for the last time before being retired from military service.

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