Drones on National Trust for Scotland properties

Anyone any experience contacting NTS properties to take recreational aerial video and photos on their property?

Wouldn’t be untill spring or summer so not wanting to contact them too early. Interested to see if anyone else has requested permission and what the answer was.

Looks promising from the FAQs.

From the FAQ on NTS site.

Before flying drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, you will need permission from the property manager. We also ask that you have the appropriate public liability insurance in place before making the approach. The Civil Aviation Authority have issued guidance on drone safety more generally, which can be accessed here: http://dronesafe.uk/.Professional users should contact our Filming Manager Anna Rathband in the first instance at arathband@nts.org.uk.

“Filming Manager” will need to be paid.
Therefore I’d anticipate a fee to be able to film.
Not as bad as an outright ban … if you can afford.

The way I read it, recreational users only need permission from property manager.
Professional/commercial users need to contact filming manager.

It’s a similar story for photography, you can shoot what you want but professionals need to contact filming manager.

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I would agree with Callum’s interpretation, professional / commercial users to contact the filming manager.

Found some more info from a Herald article back in 2015.

Definitely not an outright ban but think they will be looking for proof that you are insured, assurance you will fly within CAA rules and possibly some restrictions on wildlife

I might test the water by contacting one of the quieter sites with a view to fly one weekday in the spring.

Trust spokeswoman said: "The trust-wide policy that’s been introduced in recognition of the fact that there are more and more drones commercially available.

"The trust recognises that new technologies like this can be a good way of exploring our heritage and the places in our care, however, there can be risk of damage to property or disturbance to wildlife, livestock and visitor enjoyment from inappropriate use.

"Essentially, the policy says that drones are only allowed with the permission of the property manager, as per the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

“The policy also outlines the considerations that need to be made in deciding whether or not to give permission - such as the impact on natural or cultural heritage, the Civil Aviation Authority requirements for small unmanned aerial vehicles. Operators also need to have adequate public liability insurance in place.”

NT hate drones in Cornwall.

I’m not sure they’re a fan of them anywhere :cry:

Nor English Heritage … from personal experience. LOL!

I’ve emailed the property manager at Culzean Castle for information of what’s involved in getting permission.

Will update when I receive a response for anyone who may be interested.

Tell us more?

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Was asked to leave two of their sites by wardens armed with chapter and verse on all the documentation to prove that drone fly isn’t permitted on their sites.
Maiden Castle and St Catherine’s Oratory

Edit: This was back in my P2 days … 4-ish years ago.

Update on Culzean Castle.

They only permit drones to be flown for professional use e.g. surveys or weddings/events etc.

I’ll work my way through a few and keep this updated.

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I’ve had an email exchange with Anna about filming at an NTS site to get some footage to promote my business. I’m waiting for comments from the location manager. I’ll let you know the outcome…