Droning in Victoria Park, Bath on August 27th 2022,

Flying the new DJI Mini SE on August 27th 2022 in Victoria Park, Bath with my brother Dave and his children Samuel and Jessica. Sam was flying a Hubsan H502E and Dave was flying a Snaptain SP500. The video was taken with the DJI Mini SE.


Nice one Andrew. You might want to slow your yaw rates down a little, that way you won’t make everybody giddy while they’re watching! :grinning:

Cheers Hotrodspike,
I have been droning for about 4-5 years now… first with a cheaper ‘toy’ type, and then working up to the bigger and better. I have got used to flying the ‘fixed camera’ Hubsans and can yaw pretty well with them … but finally treated myself to this DJI Mini SE with I love.
One of my problems with it is that the RTH button is so close to the left stick that I keep hitting it whilst yawing. Being on the wrong side of 70, I tend to use my thumbs on the sticks instead of ‘pinching’ as I get cramp.
I’ve only flown it about 4 times and I’ve really got to get into the settings to help adjust the speeds for photography. Here’s hoping I get it sorted before I make everyone dizzy :joy: