Duplicate Finder

Can anyone recommend a duplicate photo finder that actually works (Windoze)
I’ve had a look but so far I don’t really trust any of them to do their job accurately enough to trust them.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder.

You can limit the search to just images/videos.


Used it for years to search multiple drives for lazy backups of shit.

(It does do way more than just that screenshot.)

Once it’s scanned it doesn’t do anything before you select (by drive, etc.) which ones you want deleted.

It’s looks at file size, date (optional) and compares content at the bit level to ensure they are identical.

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WOW!!! For being a free program that actually works pretty quick, cheers for that

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When its done its searching, you can right-click for options like “Select all duplicates in this folder” or “Select all duplicates except this folder” … before deleting.

It has never screwed me in about 12 years of using. :+1:

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Brilliant :+1::grin:. And here’s me clarting about with the Mark 1 eyeball, jeez :roll_eyes::pensive::thinking:. Many thanks :smile:

This takes me back to the ACDSEE days Dave

If you know, you know ;o)

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Now that’s a while ago

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I think I got a free cd of ACDSee with a copy of amateur photographer a loooong time ago. Just googled them and they’re still on the go