Durdle Door Dorset before disaster struck!

See what it looks like for tomorrow morning. :crossed_fingers:

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You are potentially my hero :crossed_fingers:

Durdle Door is a National Monument (isn’t it?) I’d have assumed climbing on it wasn’t allowed. I could easily be wrong though as I live a long way away.

There’s a path along the top of the Door and no “Keep off the rock!” signs.

But anyway, the drone isn’t on the Door itself - but on the land side cliffs of Man-o-War Bay - where there’s “Beware crumbling/unstable cliff!” signs.

That rock withstands horrendous storms and huge waves crashing over it. If they’ve not changed it’s shape one iota in my 60 years of visiting it, I think a swarm of climbers won’t make any difference, too.

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As above, World Heritage site but that’s the Door itself not the cliff face few hundred meters along.

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The bigger reason for stopping people climbing the door would be to stop Tombestoners … and the usual injuries or worse … more than wearing the rock down. :laughing:

Not that it would have stopped me when I was young. :+1:

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Fair point, @OzoneVibe / Dave, I’ve never had the pleasure of a visit.

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Omissions in life of such magnitude should be rectified asap. :+1: :wink:


Well a valiant effort by Dave to find my missing drone but to no avail.
Despite 6 batteries being used we couldn’t locate the drone.
Don’t really think it’s worth any more effort being made, if we knew it’s precise location recovery may be possible but as it stands it’s not visible.
Oh well, hello…is that DJI???


OK, understood, just let us know if any positive info comes to light

Sorry for your loss, RIP :headstone:

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Indeed, as Paul says, not the ideal, or hoped for, result from the mission.

However, a couple of nice DSLR pics that I’d not have grabbed without the early morning excursion. :grin:

What was Interesting, however, is that for almost 7 years of “normal” flying I’ve never had an issue with the brightness of my phone screen. But, today, as the morning got brighter and the very specific need to spot a small drone amongst the general on-screen clutter of grass, scrub, gravel and rocks (and a particular plant that I swear was “DJI grey” in colour and rather cruciform in appearance - that got my hopes up a couple of times) meant that it had been far easier to review the feed in the first light at about 6:15am than it was when the last battery was being flown around 2 hours later.

Batteries all down close to critical … even the first RC powered down on one flight it’s battery being that low. A quick RC swap (ha - not - had forgotten how to change the pairing) and the last couple of batteries were flown, and we called it a day.

The weather, the wind in particular, was perfect.

Had we spotted it and known exactly where it was, I’d have been game for another visit and retrieval attempt.


Care refresh claim sorted, new Mini 2 and battery on its way…also a neon yellow skin for future location issues should they arrise😂

I use bright orange/copper myself, thankfully not yet had to depend on it :crossed_fingers:t2:. I’m sure loss of good footage is more painful than loss of the drone itself given care refresh however sorry for your loss either way. Impressed at everyones willingness to help out a fellow pilot here, well done all :+1:t2:

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New drone now resplendent in neon yellow wrap, fingers crossed this one doesn’t need rescuing. DJI also sent me one of their canvas tote bags, nice gesture I thought and next day service from The Netherlands once fee paid.