Dusting down the fleet

While we are on lockdown it’s about time I visited some old friends for a quick checkover.

I’m also thinking of selling some kit…

I wonder if I’ll get my fleet badge…:thinking:

This one is for sale, a fully collective pitch race capable of sustaining inverted flight. I’d men’t to fit a camera for FPV but never got round to it. Powered by 6 Cell.


@Wyntrblue for you ???

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I’d love to see how quick that thing goes…

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@notveryprettyboy Think i may be tempted to buy it? ! no no no,must stop looking!!! :rofl: :wink:


How many £££££s ?

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, just think of rolling inverted, holding it there, pulling back on the stick into a half loop, followed by a pirouette, followed by full forward, back stick into vertical and at the apex a nice smooth yaw to take you straight down pulling level flat out into a long roll.

It’s quite fast by the way, I’ve got 2 batteries and spares too, the props are a set of plastics and a set of carbon fibre which are the same as RC helicopter tail rotors.
The story is this, I bought it for FPV but soon after I suffered an eye injury which left me unable to focus with my right eye. I’m still recovering from that injury 12 years on.
I flew it twice but gave up as I couldn’t follow it at speed.

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Still thinking…:thinking:

I also have an Assault Reaper 500. Definitely not for the faint of heart but if you have some CP heli experience it will prove to be a lot of fun.

I also have a couple of WLToys V383 Assassins. These are a blatant copy of Curtis Youngblood’s Stingray and a little tamer than the Reaper 500 as they run on 4S and have an auto levelling function when things go pear shaped.


Auction it in this thread lol


Sounds like a good idea, I’ll have a reserve though; I’ll post a picture of all the bits it will include; batteries, props and spare parts.


Yes Yes Yes, Tony you know you want to !.

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If this pans out ok, @GADC_Committee may be able to have an auction category for drone related kit?

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Well anythings got to be better than Fleabay !

We have #for-sale-wanted - it can happen in a thread there.

A reserve can be DMd to @GADC_Committee, if needed to ensure fair play.


So let’s knock off some simple rules…

We’ve all bought from eBay and so are familiar with the rules.

If we want this to work we all need to think and share our thoughts on rules…

Over to the forum community now for further discussion.

In the mean time here a picture for the mods and potential buyers.

I’m not including the batteries due to safety concerns, but the batteries can be dealt with as a separate item between the seller and the buyer.