Dusting the cobwebs

Just a wobbly power loop and a gap hit. The gap was on the last pack so I wasn’t worried about a crash…


I should be publishing some stuff soon… just waiting on @evilbobbins to work his magic!

:laughing: Do it yourself! Glad you got out

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I have less than no skill when it comes to editing video


A little well needed speed.
Clipped the ground, disarm, arm, keep calm and carry on. (It rhymes!)
My lovely bird is a tough old boot. And I managed to land it without bouncing :love_you_gesture:


Good flying dude. Stick time is the key!

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What you flying? Are you FPV what Google’s you got etc etc love your work

Cheers Dave! :+1:
It’s just my homemade 5" FPV.

Skyzone 02S V+ (bit old now but work great);
TBS Fusion receiver;
VAS crosshair extreme directional antenna, Lumineer long range omni antenna.

TBS Tango 2.

Realacc Real6 frame;
Kakute F7 flight controller;
Racerstar 60A 4 in 1 esc;
TBS Unify Pro 32 HV video transmitter;
Crossfire nano receiver;
Foxeer Predator 3 micro camera;
Runcam 5 HD camera;
Nin 2750KV 2207.5 motors;
Betian 180 gps;
Johnnyfpv Azure props;
GNB 4s 1500mah 130c lipos;
Cable ties and gaffer tape.

where was this karl looks like broad st rugby club.

Nah it was old leamingtonians rugby club. Just off the a452 from the a46 towards Warwick.
I have permission to fly there and it’s usually dead. No bothersome dog walkers!

Jane’s nephew plays there does your son play there he might know Steve Ramus

I’ll ask him. He is in the colts / u17s.