DX0 NIK Collection

I while ago I came across some rather nice (and free) software from the people in the title. I recently had to try and re-download it after a HDD failure but could only find the paid for version. After a short time this afternoon I managed to find the link again and thought I would share. It can be used standalone or as a plugin on various editing programs and has some pretty nifty tools, I especially like the Silver FX part of it as most of my film and DSLR photography is black and white. NOTE this is not pirated or ilegal, the developers decided to make this legacy version free before they were bought by google, their main site no longer has the links as they obviously want you to pay for the latest version.


for more info

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You got it bit backwards. Google originally bought (in 2012) Nik, the company that developed and sold it. They first dropped the price to $150 (from original $500). In 2016 they made it free until they sold it to Dx0 at the end of 2017 who again charges for it. The Google’s free version has been available since, many tools are still good, but there have also been lot of improvements since.

If you want more “stable” download source, you can download it from Google Nik Collection 1.2.11 Download | TechSpot or the original from NIK Collection of Filters (Mac/Windows) 1.2.11 : Google/NIK : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I stand corrected, thanks for the info and links.
Yeah the newer version will of course have many improvements, but will also have a cost?

You can find the pricing on Dx)'s website. If I remember correctky, they have various bundes available (or had last time I looked at).