Eachine E520S - Can anyone help with a battery?


I was so excited to get my first basic drone before the big purchase of the DJI Air 2 for photography, but I have an issue with my Eachine.

It was bought off Banggood, and like the laws of physics, the bad reviews of this shop came true for me.

I was sent a USED drone, no original box, spare parts missing and battery missing. I did acquire IKEA batteries in the controller though!

Because the drone did not come with a battery, I don’t know if it actually works. So pretty reluctant to buy a battery from a UK supplier (£30+) for one, as if the drone is stuffed and I will not be able to send the battery back.

Does anyone have a reasonably priced one, or does anyone live in West Devon so I can test the drone.

I currently have a case open with Banggood to get my money back, but I am not holding my breath!



Did you pay with paypal?

If so just put in a claim and you’ll get your money back.

No paid on Credit Card, but they have said I should see a refund shortly on my card. I will wait and see. Next time I will use Paypal! Lesson learnt.

To be honest I might just bite the bullet and get the Mini to learn with over the next 6 months, going to do a little bit of travel, so might be the better option.

Cheers, Rob


I have a Mini and it’s been amazing. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it if you do get one. It’s dead easy.

If they start asking you to drop the case and just accept the refund, refuse and stick to your guns.

Been there, seen that. They are utter bastards, took me 4 months through PayPal to get back £300 from them.

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Hi Chris,

I got my money back last night, now showing on my Credit Card.

I did go a little ballistic on their Facebook Site, Instagram and Twitter account for one morning (Wednesday) I did a full campaign on the rubbish they sold me. They escalated it as soon as I started taking the piss out of some of the items they were advertising, ranging from Drones to Shirts. I kept questioning the quality and the fact it may never turn up! Other people then joined in. I also kept putting crap on the Eachine Facebook site as well.

Facebook messenger was a laugh, I had 3 Customer Service people speaking to me all at once, they were not impressed when they found out. Kept saying they could not help other customers. Whoops! :slight_smile:

I think I may have won the fastest refund ever from Bangood, I got it with 5 days of receiving the parcel, it then took 3 days for the banking system to catch up.

Ironically, I can keep the drone. Told me to bin it. But I’ll have a punt and buy a battery from China via Banggood. I don’t actually think its a E520S. The markings and the colour is wrong. I suspect it’s just the basic E520 without GPS.

If anyone wants some tips how to get your money back from Banggood quickly, then just contact me.

Cheers and thanks for all your help. Now looking forward to getting a proper drone!



I’ve yet to have any real issues with Banggood. I’ve had the odd problem with an order or two but it has always been rectified quite quickly.

Gearbest on the other hand​:scream::scream::scream::scream:

My first, and last, order with them was for a collective pitch quadcopter which was DOA. When I contacted them they offered $10 in Gearbest funny money as compensation, or I could receive a replacement if I paid a further $160 for administrative costs. The argument continued for a week or so and then I contacted PayPal. Once PP were involved I received an email from Gearbest, not via PP, telling me to drop the claim or I would not receive any compensation. I forwarded this to PP whom then gave me a full refund and told me NOT to return the DOA quad.

The irony is I was able to get a replacement part for the DOA quad from the manufacturer AND purchase another working Quad, again direct from the manufacturer, for less than Gearbest’s supposed discount price.

This was a couple of years ago and I’d hoped Gearbest would have improved their game since then, but looking at their TrustPpilot reviews it seems not. In fact it appears they’re trying to do the Amazon thing by hosting third parties. If a customer has a problem with one of these affiliates Gearbest claim it has absolutely nothing to do with them.

My spending habits have also now changed. I try to purchase my “little objects of desire” first from independent UK dealers then I look overseas but again from independents rather than jack of all trades box droppers.



I’ve also just had a dispute settled very quickly by Banggood, by threat of using PayPal case against them. I had ordered a cable repair set for P3A and waited, left it more than a month due to slow postal deliveries just now, but after sending an email direct to Bangood got a refund to PayPal overnight. Won’t be using them again.

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Just to update, I got my money back within 10 days. Had to go a little postal on them!



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