Eachine EV800D Goggles on offer £68.74

I was going to go straight to digital, but couldn’t justify the cost without trying FPV out first.

So I ordered the Radiomaster TX16S and the Eachine goggles, which look ok for my first pair as a beginner.

Offer ends in 4 days.


They are a great set of goggles. You wont be disappointed. A little big on your head, but a nice big image.

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That’s good to hear. I’ve been checking out the simulators and was thinking of going with Velocidrone.

I’d welcome any views before I dive in.

Velocidrone is good. Lots of scenery and you can set it up as you like.
But in my opinion, to learn the basics, go with a free demo like freerider. As its free. The real world flying is different to the sims. And a lot more fun.

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Ok, will do. I appreciate the advice. :+1:

Natterjack. Exactly what I bought the TX16S and the 600d. Though turned out to be fake (the goggles not the radio the radio is great). They still very good. Still using them. You will enjoy

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Thanks, that’s good to hear.

Had an email yesterday saying that they can’t use the usual carrier, would I accept airmail.

I read in to it some more and it said that I’m responsible for import tax, so I cancelled the order.

It is a legit store and to be fair the refund has already been paid.

I’ll just buy from uk stores now.

I’m looking forward to trying them out.