Eachine ex4 5g app

Hi flyers, first thanks to all for replying to my app problem. I bought a dedicated ulefone note 7 with the all important 802.11 ac… Seems to solve the problem. ‘sort of’. Well, being my second drone I still felt quite uncomfortable with the app. C-fly and hadn’t got much confidence that it reacts to my commands compared with the bugs 5w. I can hear you mminis saying well, what do you expect! Pay peanuts and get monkeys!!!
This evening I went to my local pebble beach near Eastbourne, East Sussex. Interesting light so snapped away together some video. The app still wasn’t behaving. Suddenly, loss of picture on the phone. No prob still could see the red and green drone LEDs. Banged the rth and landed. The battery was now 10% left. Had 2 fully charged batteries with me. Replaced with a fresh one and after the gps and regular calibration set off again over the water facing towards Eastbourne westerly direction to get the last flicker of light in this hemisphere of Friday 11 December 2020.

I followed the drone which was fairly close by. The light is extinguishing fast. I still have it in my sight. Make an adjustment on my control unit looked up gone. Hit the RTH again hoping for it to return. Spent 10 min thinking I was controlling again but it was a distant aircraft on route to Gatwick then ah ah got it! but this time.a distant ‘star’. Now the app shut down. I left RTH bleeping away but the dog didn’t return to its mastered whistle. 15min and I slowly started moving back to my car controller still bleeping, occasionally looking over my shoulder if it reappeared. Non Monsieur.
Now I put on my imaginary black, four cornered cloth on my head and said the words …
It was no doubt in a watery grave. Just before I entered the car i looked one last time and then switched off the life support system…
I wasn’t actually that pleased with it anyway .Excuse to find a replacement, a F11 par example. Next time I definitely want a controller with a good display like my bug’s. If the mob. Gives up/cuts out I still have information what and where the drone is!!!. Well, being an ardent ‘remainer and Europe lover’ if the drone had pick up a strong southerly wind high up in the heavens then that was my DDay. Phew just before 31 December. But I rather suspect Davy Jones locker is the last resting place. To close: pleased it wasn’t a mm2 for example, the pain would of been worse. Definitely a good back up controller display next time???

It is sad you lost your machine.
I have the Mini 2 after initially buying a Holystone. There was ‘something’ about the Holystone that just didn’t feel right. With the prices falling now why not concider a 2nd hand Mavic Mini?

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Sorry to here that Ken must feel gutted mate. Is it worth a walk down along the beach in the daylight just incase? You never know you might get lucky :crossed_fingers:t2: