Eagle drone squad grounded

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Ha! Another plan that was for the birds! :slight_smile:

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What do you think? It’s doing the rounds on Facebook. Is it real? I doubt it.

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I’d say photoshopped. Not up on the eagle but just a look at size comparison to the phantom and I would say the bird is too big. Could be wrong though.

I agree Paul, the white tailed eagles we get in Scotland wouldn’t be anything like that size compared to a Phantom. Also, surely there would be blood all over the place!
I’m guessing there used to be a large fish in that picture!


You gotta love Facebook at times for the stuff that pops up on there.

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Quick google and it looks like that image has been around since early 2017.

The Youtube video is quite interesting.

Totally real - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-35750816/eagles-trained-to-take-down-drones

I heard about this for the first time from a friend who was convinced the drone-killing eagles were the real deal… However, I had my doubts. So a little YouTube research turned up a simple gem (details below), revealing the results of a practical experiment that consisted of applying spinning drone blades to the carcass of a dead bird (in this case a chicken, eagles being hard to come by at the supermarket!) The massive resulting cut to the skin and muscle of the dead bird suggests that this might be a good way to produce more dead birds. Jury is still out on this one, though… I wonder if anyone has any new information on the French initiatives?

To access the report: go to YouTube and replace the reference any YouTube URL with ‘v=xWckD2Tf1Z8’ to find the video

That’s interesting, in the Youtube video it’s the Dutch police.

Thanks for the link.

That was my first thought. I can’t imagine that the Eagle gets away unscathed. Having seen some horrific injuries on the web from spinning blades, I don’t understand it. I know the feet and legs are really tough but the body parts aren’t. Isn’t it just another case of humans assuming themselves as being far more important? A politician or a Golden Eagle, I know which I would save!

Eagles are Huge

They have been doing this for a long time.
Two videos below.