EASA Acceptable Means of Compliance - Part-UAS

I am not sure if this document from EASA has yet been posted in any of the discussions. This is the Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UAS operations in Open & Specific Categories. This document gives clear guidance on the Remote Pilots (RP) responsibilities without getting lost in EU or CAA aviation legal terminology.

AMC & GM for Open and Specific Categories

And this is the AMC & GM for EASA Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 known as the IR

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947

There is already a very large thread on EASA rules, I have posted this here so as not to get lost in such a large discussion.



Thank you, Tony.

Downloaded and will read - but given the size of each document it may be a couple of days before I can give any sensible comment!

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Those seem genuinely useful, with actual diagrams and clearer text than in the regs. A lot of it is mainly relevant to the Specific category, but there are several sections which will help address common questions e.g. what exactly is an “uninvolved person”.

It’s was the same when new wiring regs came into being every 2-3yrs within the Electrical Contracting industry

  • New Regs released
  • Lots of debates as to how this would or wouldn’t be applied or interpreted
  • New Guides to the reg’s published
  • Lots of debate as to which one was most reliable

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In this case like you a quick look says Wow why didn’t this get more attention when published - Just what we need

please treat these Comments as Redacted :fu:

This initial response was far to hasty As in fact I think the document could actually cause more confusion than it removes

CAA are the governing body that we fly under NOT EASA and possibly not even under the EU come final Brexit date

The reason why I have come to this conclusion is that not all the CAA ‘Controls in place’ are = to Or the same as

The UK is a member state and the UK National Aviation Authority is the CAA. Within the EASA IR are AMCs the Acceptable Means of Compliance, a means by which the IR and regulations of EASA can be met. The CAA as a Member can propose an Alternative Means of Compliance that shows that the IR and regulations can be met using an alternative. This is why we sometimes read one thing with EASA and another with the CAA. The compliance is still being met but just using an alternative method.

As for post Brexit. The CAA has already announced that it does not plan to change regulations and will continue as a Member of EASA as part of the single European sky.

So we have CAP722 and we also have the EASA IR & DR. To move forward with all of this is simple. As a drone operator or pilot, understand your intended flight operations and familiarise with the requirements of the category you are intended to operate. Don’t get caught up in sub categories or specific categories if you don’t intend to fly within those specifications.

Put simply, as a car driver know the rules but don’t try to understand the CoC requirements of an HGV driver.


More info see CAA site (for some reason it appears it can’t be linked Anyone?)

Tim just been on their website where my statement sprouted from